Heeding God’s counsel precedes deliverance & progress

Many times when churches wish to accomplish something or be delivered from the persecution or oppression from an outside enemy, God supplies the means within the congregation to reach our goals. At other times, we may need outside help. We see examples of getting outside help several times in scripture through situations Israel faced. For... Continue Reading →


Joyful sharing should be an act of confidence and patience

Speaking from personal experience, it's a great feeling of encouragement and contentment when you contribute funds and/or other material things to a ministry that puts them to good use to render positive results for God's glory. That's what the believing Jews experienced when they partnered financially with Paul in his ministry. As Paul highlights in... Continue Reading →

They question God’s word to stop your knowledge, comfort, and hope

The truth of God's word is inseparably fused to our learning (knowledge), our comfort in the Holy Spirit, and our hope in Christ. This is what we discover when we read Romans 15:4, which says, "For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures... Continue Reading →

Answers News for July 2, 2018

Answers in Genesis staff (Ken Ham, Georgia Purdom, and Avery Foley) discuss Hillsong's Joel Houston tweeting about how popular worship song "So Will I" promotes evolution and the controversy it sparked, the Supreme Court turning down case of Christian grandmother who refused to make floral arrangement for gay wedding, the Supreme Court decision on freedom... Continue Reading →

Standing for God in a deeply corrupt society

Auburn, Indiana-- A small church is drawing the ire of some people in their community for displaying a sign telling homosexuals to repent. The sign says, "LGBTQ is a hate crime against God, repent." The Remnant Fellowship Church (RFC) began in April with the determination to "stand apart from the last days apostate church and... Continue Reading →

Don’t push it, or, how much do you think you can get away with?

A few nights ago in Des Moines, Iowa, Toyusi Johnson by all indications decided to get behind the wheel of his vehicle while drinking. In one sense, it didn't end well. In another sense, he was very fortunate even though he didn't deserve it. While driving at a high rate of speed, Johnson smashed into... Continue Reading →

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