Woman Fell 80+ Feet Off A South Dakota Cliff and Miraculously Survived

This past Monday evening in South Dakota, a Minnesota woman was in Palisades State Park 20 miles outside of Sioux Falls when she plunged off a cliff, falling over 80 feet into a creek below. Witnesses told Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Dubbe that they saw the woman fall off the edge, hitting the cliff... Continue Reading →


Sometimes It’s Necessary to Be Blunt & Rebuke the Devil to Save a Soul

Going along to get along seems to be the prevalent mindset among many believers today. So they allow ungodly things to go on in the midst of their "Christian" groups to avoid confrontation when certain people introduce heretical doctrines. This is the opposite of what happened in the early church as recorded in Acts. Acts... Continue Reading →

God doesn’t need original manuscripts to preserve his inerrant word

It's accepted practice these days for both Christians and critics of Christianity to place emphasis on the importance of the Bible's original manuscripts. To listen to their arguments, one would draw the conclusion that the same God who is powerful enough to speak a non-existent universe into existence and to raise the dead somehow isn't... Continue Reading →

You May Get Static No Matter What You Do For Christ

One thing among many that I enjoy about genuine Christian ministry is how the Lord uses an array of methods to distribute his message. Some saints are more low-key about how they share the gospel while others are more intense, sociable, and energetic about it. Regardless of the personal method preferred, I've seen the Lord... Continue Reading →

Our righteousness can make a bigger difference than we may realize

In the 1990s, some prominent evangelicals noticed how the ACLU was effectively using lawsuits and legal settlements to advance a dark anti-Christian agenda leaning toward socialism, so James Dobson, Bill Bright, Larry Burkett, D. James Kennedy, and Marlin Maddoux joined forces and resources to start the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) in 1993. The small organization... Continue Reading →

Raising a Ruckus: Devils Won’t Always Go Quietly

Spend enough time getting to know the Lord and you will discover that he will increase your knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and discernment. Along with those attributes you will also find that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, he will also increase your confidence--confidence in the truth of his word, confidence in his character, confidence... Continue Reading →

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