We Are Ultimately Responsible For Our Own Relationship With God

It's great to have Christian leaders available to us to help us as we try to grow in our relationship with Christ. But there is something vital that we can easily forget if we become too dependent on other believers for our spiritual growth. Our salvation is our one-on-one direct relationship with the Lord. In... Continue Reading →


Tongues and minds powered by prayer

As we have seen in the times we live in now, navigating this life can be like walking through a field of land mines. Make the wrong step or say the wrong thing and a situation can explode. On the other hand, sometimes it may be necessary to make a move even if an explosion... Continue Reading →

Just when you think you have someone figured out …

Life's challenges, including in ministry, have a way of revealing the true character of people. It's human nature to make assumptions about people based on how we see them behave in certain situations. Then there can be times our assumptions about people have to be reevaluated when they pleasantly surprise us or unexpectedly disappoint us just... Continue Reading →

Steadfast faith of saints in darkest times can serve to uplift unbelievers

Acts 27 can serve as a real life example of what happens when believers remain steadfast in clinging to the leadership of the Holy Spirit along with God's prophetic word. In that chapter, Paul, accompanied by a handful of fellow Christians, was being shipped to Rome as a prisoner by Roman guards on a ship from... Continue Reading →

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