What Our Prayers and Desire for All Saints Should Be

At the opening of Paul's letter to the Colossians, he gave them some words of blessing and encouragement to them. The apostle was very pleased with the report about them that he received from Epaphras who told Paul that the Colossians were bearing spiritual fruit as they stayed true to the gospel. He especially noted... Continue Reading →

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan Reviews Why Dems Are Targeting Atty. Gen. Barr

The House Judiciary Committee had Attorney General Bar testify on Tuesday, July 28, with the main goal of having Democrats use him for target practice because he is investigating to get to the bottom of many of their crooked shenanigans. Those shenanigans include their part in illegally spying on Trump during his campaign by targeting... Continue Reading →

Texas Church Almost Pays the Price for Legal System’s Carelessness

In all honesty, I wasn't sure if I should use the word "carelessness" or "callousness" above in the title of this post considering this news item that I came across. A child rapist in Texas, 25-year-old Matthew Scott Graves, will finally face prison time after a string of criminal actions he perpetrated starting in 2016... Continue Reading →

The Lord is With Those Who Are Concerned With Our Best Interests

As we live the Christian life in a sin-sick world, it's always good to be linked to people who have our best interests in mind when it comes to our spiritual well-being. Whether they are nearby physically or thousands of miles away, their physical proximity isn't always as important as their spiritual proximity. That's because... Continue Reading →

New Jersey: Brazilian Woman Miraculously Survives Being Swept Into a Storm Drain

24-year-old Brazilian Nathalia Bruno was headed out in her Toyota Prius this past Monday in Passaic, New Jersey, to make a DoorDash food delivery when she found herself unexpectedly in the middle of a flash flood. The surging flash flood, moving at a speed of 40 mph ended up sweeping her and her vehicle into... Continue Reading →

Blaming Christianity for Slavery Gives an Inaccurate View of the Bible and History

Columnist Michael Coren of Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper released an opinion piece today entitled, "Christianity is complicit in slavery. But its spirit still offers a path forward." Coren claims, "...Christians have felt enabled to treat people of colour appallingly. This is most keenly seen in Christianity’s relationship with slavery." Then he proceeds to share... Continue Reading →

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