How the Democrats are using questionable sexual allegations to stall Kavanaugh confirmation

Here's where the Kavanaugh confirmation consideration stands as Democrats use shady delay tactics with the help of the mainstream media and an allegation that is falling apart in the midst of Democrats showing their hypocrisy. Sean Hannity explains in this 21-minute video.  


US Supreme Court makes just rulings for Trump & pro-lifers

We are living in a time in the West where people who wish to back lawbreakers are attempting to use the law and courts against people who are trying to do what is lawful and godly. One of their weapons is to flood the legal system with a flurry of frivolous legal actions with the... Continue Reading →

Trump supporters Diamond & Silk’s testimony before a House Committee

When anyone is unjustifiably censored, it should concern all of us. First Amendment rights apply to us all, including conservatives. Diamond & Silk hold their own in this House Judiciary Committee meetings this past week and refused to be bullied by the Democrats.

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony takes the Internet by storm & with memes

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, isn't exactly known for being warm. As a matter of fact, many have criticized the way he comes across as machine-like. So when he testified before Congress today, many took to social media to post memes to make light of how stiff he is and sometimes unforthcoming with his answers. This... Continue Reading →

March for Our Lives showed why Americans should stand for their lives

Courtesy of organizations like George Soros's and Planned Parenthood, socialism was on full display in the nation's capital on Saturday, March 24 as socialist-leaning organizations used impressionable kids to rally for gun control with the "March for Our Lives", which I considered a cheap shot at the pro-life "March for Life." History has written... Continue Reading →

Pay attention to the men behind the gun control curtain

Weeks after shooter Nikolas Cruz's massacre at the high school in Parkland, Florida, many inconvenient truths have unfolded. Among them is the fact that law enforcement officers who are paid to protect American citizens were unwilling to do so, both at the federal and local levels to prevent the incident or to minimize the incident.... Continue Reading →

#ReleaseTheMemo demand grows while MSM blames Russia or buries the story

Congress just passed a FISA Reauthorization Act allowing government agencies like the NSA and FBI to spy on innocent Americans all over again in ways similar to what they did under George W. Bush and Obama that was exposed by Edward Snowden (remember him?). Rand Paul and other Senators raised red flags about the new... Continue Reading →

Trump’s HHS seeks to preserve religious rights of medical workers

President Trump and members of his administration have been paying attention to what had been going on with the religious rights of medical workers during the Obama administration as well as what has been going on in other nations as medical professionals are targeted for their faith. Who can forget how Obama attempted to force... Continue Reading →

Todd Friel, host of Wretched: how saints should respond to post-Christian America

Todd Friel gives an 11-minute talk on his radio show in light of recent massacres and how we should respond. Hint: it has something to do with preaching the gospel even more while we go all out to protect our women and children.  And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and... Continue Reading →

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