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  1. It can be rather embarrassing at times, I know. I’d write something about prayer and faith and before you know it, an ad pops up: “Contact Madame So-and-So to have your fortune told,” or “Please join such and such a church. We meet every full moon.” Ha!


  2. You need to check your moral compass. Supplying a disclaimer does not excuse you from allowing the posting of ads that are outside of your faith. Take responsibility, stop being lazy and find an ad distributor that does not include ads that you disapprove of. Very sad, very sad.


    1. Agreed! Not to mention, how many people read disclaimers? I worked for boa in their credit card dept and nearly noone bother to read agreements they would engage in, so on something like this even less are going to read a disclaimer….


  3. Hello to all, you being a Christian for over thirty years; well said as you mentioned , regarding the article Sun And shield, I was amazed on some of the responses from some people; the Bible do say only God can judge me. I feel that being a member of any group or organization one shall not be judge, I know for myself some churches have groups; the O.E.S, are people too, I don’t feel they should be judged.


    1. “I don’t feel they should be judged.”

      Well, Carol, with all due respect, your feelings are not the measure or equivalent to God’s truth. You like so many others have misunderstood the text where Christ talks about judging people. Have you really read it for yourself? By telling me the OES shouldn’t be judged, you have made your own judgment of me. That makes you a hypocrite and you contradict yourself.

      I discuss the real meaning of what Jesus said about judging here–> https://sunandshield.wordpress.com/2007/06/07/judge-not-lest-ye-be-judged/


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