It’s frustrating to see the wicked prosper

I'll be honest. It's exasperating to see how often evil people get away with all their wicked schemes, especially when they become prosperous because of it, in the world or church. I've often wondered why God is quick to call my faults to my attention and put up hurdles or walls for me until I... Continue Reading →

The enemies within: a glimpse at popular false doctrines in Christendom

A month ago, the Berean Call ministry held a conference for Christian apologetics and to warn Christians about harmful doctrines that have infiltrated churches. In this video, Christian radio host and Bible teacher T. A. McMahon exposes the apostasy commonly seen in churches in our communities. His talk begins at the 7:20 mark and lasts... Continue Reading →

Atheists to Arkansas schools: use “In God We Trust”, we’ll sue

American Atheists, an organization started by the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair, has sent a letter to practically every school superintendent in Arkansas threatening to sue them if they abide by a new law signed by Governor Asa Hutchinson in April. The law, Arkansas Act 911, requires public schools, public libraries, and any other public building... Continue Reading →

Sweden continues pioneering human microchip for future mark of the beast

Sweden as a nation seems to have an appetite for destruction under the guise that they are progressively evolving and advancing. One sign of that mentality is the acceptance of less than savory migrants who continue to rape while Swedish leaders continue to welcome them in with little or no vetting. The other sign is... Continue Reading →

Christian rapper Andy Mineo: “We should love & accept LGBTQ Christians”

"Christian" rapper Andy Mineo and his mentor "Christian" rapper LeCrae recently had an encounter with a man in the process of outwardly pretending to be a woman--what the world calls a transgender. They saved the guy from suicide in New York City. So Mineo has now used that experience of justifiably and heroically saving someone's... Continue Reading →

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