Enemies of the cross often play the victim with fear and contradictions

A study of Acts 5 reveals some interesting things about people who fear the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the previous chapter, the Sanhedrin imprisoned and then freed some of the disciples, ordering them not to preach the gospel. But the apostles ignored them and went right back to the ministry. So in Acts 5,... Continue Reading →

Rising rate of self-harm in Greater Manchester, England reflects spiritual trend

Anywhere in the world you look today can be an example of what happens when living in a world of fallen, sinful mankind. Greater Manchester, England and its surrounding towns is but one microcosm of what seems to be growing darkness. Although a majority 48.7% claim Christianity (according to 2011 figures), the Greater Manchester area... Continue Reading →

Would a true Christian really murder someone?

That's a question that should probably be addressed since Hitler made news again today thanks to ultra-liberal/non-Christian actress Whoopi Goldberg on "The View." Since it's a show I as a man would never waste my time watching, I found out about it through perusing headlines today. Goldberg and her co-hosts launched into a discussion about... Continue Reading →

Hebrew Roots fanatic tells southern US churches to keep Moses’ law or end up in hell

Police in McMinn and Monroe counties in Tennessee as well as in Murray County, Georgia, have said they are keeping an eye out for a person or persons who have distributed ominous letters to over 50 churches in the past two weeks that criticize their church messages. As of yet, the police say no crime has... Continue Reading →

Recent terrorist attacks all part of globalist agenda for one world government

The downed Russian airliner in Egypt. Now the Paris attacks. North American and European leaders still calling for Muslim refugees to be expedited across their borders. UN nations meeting to discuss carbon taxes for every nation to cause taxing of the middle classes and the poor to go up. The Trans Pacific Partnership. Why are... Continue Reading →

Hijacking the name of Jesus for marketing mischief

The name of Lord Jesus is so popular that people will use it for just about any reason to justify themselves. Take for instance the group that calls itself the Evangelical Environmental Network. They back the green movement, sounding the alarm against the doom of climate change. Currently they are running radio ads in Illinois... Continue Reading →

Wireless implantable devices developed to distribute or block pain

A team of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed soft, flexible devices that can potentially be implanted in any part of the body to control pain. The devices are wireless and controlled using microLED lights which can either activate pain in the body or stop pain... Continue Reading →

Florida pastors get shock of their lives from live wire and survive

Pastors Mark Coffey and Kalvin Kress on Friday, November 6, decided to do what they've done for the past eight years--trim palm trees outside their church, Community Life Center in Port Charlotte, Florida. They do it to keep the tree branches clear of the power lines and save money by doing it themselves. After getting... Continue Reading →

Houston Housing Authority backs off attempt to steal church’s property by eminent domain

The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) for several years sought to purchase the property of two churches in the impoverished Fifth Ward for redevelopment projects to improve the ward and make it more economically viable. A commendable concern. However, the HHA's commendable idea quickly went south when both Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and Latter Day Deliverance Revival... Continue Reading →

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