Missionary’s kidnapping shows us how to experience God’s love in our darkest hour

If you're like me, at times you forget how amazing God's love is or sometimes just take it for granted. For some of us, it takes a dark period in life (even if foolishly brought on by ourselves) to remind us how God's hand and his love are at work in our lives to take... Continue Reading →

The non-“social justice” Jesus was an equal opportunity critic of both rich and poor

Among the many misconceptions some people seem to have about the Lord Jesus and his disciples is that they were always "nice" to common people, poor folks, and outcasts and only criticized the rich and powerful, especially if they were religious. Somehow people who hold to that belief think it's wrong to be critical of or "judge" people... Continue Reading →

NSA says it will stop looking at metadata & destroy records it collected

After Congress recently passed a law to dial back the NSA's snooping under the Patriot Act prompted by federal courts calling the procedure unconstitutional, big questions remained about what the NSA would do with metadata they already collected and how soon they would comply with the new law. Now that question has supposedly been answered.... Continue Reading →

How to distinguish between hirelings, wolves, and shepherds in the church

In the well-known Good Shepherd chapter of Jesus, John 10, he lays out for us some good spiritual points for discerning what and who is in alignment with his will for the church on Earth and what or who isn't. The character traits of shepherds, hirelings, wolves, and sheep are brought to light, giving us... Continue Reading →

The curious cases of the gender benders

The complexities of hypocrisies are running rampant today. The Lord Jesus predicted the last days would be like the days of Noah (Matthew 24) before his return. In Noah's days, "wickedness of man was great in the earth, and...every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually," (Genesis 6). One such complexity... Continue Reading →

Human inventions underscore the urgency of guarding our minds in the last days

Since God created man 6000 years ago, the forces of darkness have been busy inventing and inspiring ways to get in our heads to influence us, which is made easier by our sin nature we inherited from Adam and Eve.  Like the fruit on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, many inventions... Continue Reading →

Rude coworkers and bosses lead to more rudeness in the workplace

The University of Florida recently released findings in a study they did on rudeness in the workplace. They looked at how 90 grad students carried out negotiations with their peers. Students who rated their partners as treating them rudely had a tendency to then behave rudely toward others they interacted with. In other words, there... Continue Reading →

Automakers to share info with government that may cause privacy concerns for drivers

Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and 9 other motor vehicle companies have joined forces to establish a center for sharing and analyzing cyber security data should hackers target their vehicles in order to prevent such attacks. The center is scheduled to be opened in a few months. They also expect to let the government in on... Continue Reading →

‘Christian’ columnist misinterprets 2 Corinthians 6:14 to justify unequally yoked marriages

Interfaith marriages have allegedly been increasing since 2010, according to Pew Research. And columnist Dana Trent of Patheos, who claims to be a Christian, thinks that's a good thing for Christians according to her column featured in Time Magazine. Her viewpoint is why it is so important to focus on faith in Christ and his... Continue Reading →

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