God won’t abandon those who are truly his

I read a story today about a lady named Yu Mao who has taken in abandoned children for 14 years. Not long ago, she found an abandoned baby girl on her doorstep who had a cleft lip and palate. When Yu Mao took her in she became concerned when the cleft palate hindered the baby from... Continue Reading →

Building 429’s Jason Roy dispels assumptions about Christian music industry

To promote their latest studio album, Building 429 lead singer Jason Roy sat down with TheBlaze and had some very interesting answers to some very poignant questions. When asked about the challenges that come with fame and success within the music industry, Roy was quick to express that the number one priority of record labels,... Continue Reading →

Water detected on the moon’s surface

Using NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper, scientists have discovered there is water on the Moon's surface which they believe originated deep inside the Moon. This marks the first time lunar water has been detected on the Moon's surface from a spacecraft orbiting it. Scientists previously thought the Moon was really dry and that any water that... Continue Reading →

UK politician claims God is a Liberal Democrat

UK Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, released a book recently to promote his political party. It's entitled 'Liberal Democrats Do God.' The book is a compilation of essays from several Ministers of Parliament in the Liberal Democrats. Webb writes in the book that God's character in the Christian gospel implies that he is a Liberal Democrat.... Continue Reading →

Father in Ohio is raised from the dead after teen son prays

A 37-yr-old father whose heart stopped, was eventually raised from the dead. Cardiologist Dr. Raja Nazir and his team worked on Anthony Yahle for 45 minutes and couldn't revive him, so they were ready to declare him dead. But Anthony's teen son was moved to pray with his pastor there at the hospital and felt... Continue Reading →

Study capsizes evolution predictions re: apes, humans

For eons, Darwinists have told us the closest ape relatives to humans are chimps, based on their evolutionary predictions. Chimpanzees are supposed to be the most evolved apes who have most of the same genetic makeup as humans. However, a recent study upends those presuppositions. The study was done on the epigenetics of apes in comparison... Continue Reading →

A look at why unbelieving Jews reject Jesus

There are four major reasons some rabbis and Jews give for rejecting Jesus as their Messiah and those reasons are as follows: Jesus did not fulfill the messianic prophecies of a) Building the third temple as mentioned in Ezekiel 37; b) Gathering all Jews back to Israel as prophesied in Isaiah 43; c) Ushering in world peace as stated... Continue Reading →

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