The hibernating Russian bear awakens

I can remember during my college years of the late 80s and early 90s how ecstatic the Western Hemisphere was about the erosion and ultimate downfall (or so we thought) of the Communist Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe which had Russia as its head.  Reagan and Gorbachev were hailed as heroes of the era--Reagan for... Continue Reading →

Truth comes out about Lakeland evangelist

The Christian Post reported this afternoon that Todd Bentley, the Lakeland, FL evangelist, has separated from his wife and has resigned from leadership in Fresh Fire Ministries after it was discovered he was involved in an extramarital relationship with a female staff member. Bentley's so-called revivals were recently televised 24 hours for several weeks on... Continue Reading →

Six wrongs of the Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation, which happened in the 1500s, has been praised by many in today's churches as a momentous occasion where Christians took a stand against the false doctrines and abuses instituted under the Roman Catholic Church by leaving the church.  Seminarians and church members of the various denominations often speak of the eloquence, courage, and sound theology of reformers... Continue Reading →

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