The Bible, Politics, and You

Earlier this week, Frank Turek released this thought-provoking video (below) on the importance of Christian involvement in politics. He covered the topic using Biblical, historical, and present-day examples to make his points. Turek, in his one-hour talk covered the following subtopics: Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?What Are the Most Important Issues?Does Abortion Trump Everything... Continue Reading →

He Certainly Doesn’t Seem Racist or Sexist To Me

The lying mainstream media keeps claiming Donald Trump refuses to disavow racism and is, therefore, racist. And they often throw in cries of sexism against him as an added bonus. But history has proven them wrong. The race card and/or sexism card that liberals and the extreme left love to play during election years is... Continue Reading →

Dennis Prager in His Fireside Chat Episode 155 Highlights Why Fear of COVID-19 Shouldn’t Dominate Us

Dennis Prager of PragerU offers some interesting opinions in his 30-minute fireside chat released tonight. He discusses why we should not let fear of coronavirus dominate us, agreeing with the President's statements. He also talks about the lack of critical thinking in society today, debunks the assumptions of racism that certain factions wish to stir... Continue Reading →

Cultural Conflicts in the US Are Indications of Satan’s Attacks

In the October 5, 2020, video below, Allen Parr of Allen Parr Ministries and Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministries discuss five ways Satan is attacking the US today. In my opinion, these attacks are unfolding for two basic underlying reasons: (1) The United States has been vital in the spread of the gospel... Continue Reading →

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