The Bible, Politics, and You

Earlier this week, Frank Turek released this thought-provoking video (below) on the importance of Christian involvement in politics. He covered the topic using Biblical, historical, and present-day examples to make his points. Turek, in his one-hour talk covered the following subtopics:

  1. Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?
  2. What Are the Most Important Issues?
  3. Does Abortion Trump Everything Else?

While answering these questions, he touches on issues of life that politics affects, the notion of legislating morality, healthcare, poverty, racism, and a list of Bible characters who were involved in political matters. Turek, in my opinion, lays out some very good points. YouTube censored part of this video which showed the bodies of babies who had been murdered by abortion. That edited part is shown in the second video below.

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