God’s Inextinguishable Fire

In the first half of Acts 17, there were Jews and pagans in Thessalonica who thought they could use their power, influence, and violent riots to stop the gospel preached by Paul and Silas. But for all the time and energy they put into their efforts, the result ended up being quite the opposite of... Continue Reading →

Denying Christ’s Resurrection is Like Living in an Unrealistic Dream World

Have you ever been completely shocked or totally flabbergasted by someone you spent a lot of time with in church? You may have gotten to know them well by being involved for quite some time with them in Sunday School, or the choir, or home Bible study, or youth ministry. It appeared that they had... Continue Reading →

Rejecting Paul or Other Genuine Apostles is the Same as Rejecting Jesus Christ

While the Lord Jesus Christ was on Earth fulfilling his ministry of salvation by grace through faith in his divinity, life, death, burial, and resurrection, he knew that he was not sent here to be physically present to complete every result that the gospel would bring about. For example, he knew milestones such as the... Continue Reading →

Refuting 13 Alleged Contradictions About Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection

A few years ago, Mike Winger of biblethinker.org released the YouTube video below to discuss several alleged Bible contradictions listed by Bible critics at infidels.org. A whole host of alleged contradictions are listed at that website, so Winger chose to cover 13 from the list that attacked Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. In the video, Winger discusses... Continue Reading →

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