A Review of 10 Discoveries in Archaeology Confirming the Accuracy of the Bible

Scott Lanser and Bryan Windle of the Associates for Biblical Research highlight what they consider to be the top 10 archaeological discoveries that confirm the historical accuracy of New Testament accounts in this 26-minute video released on June 16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCk0AzjdrH4


The historical credibility of the gospels

Dr. William Lane Craig gives John Ankerberg facts on how we know the stories in the gospels are historically credible and not filled with myths and legends as many critics have falsely claimed.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_yAPShP-rY

Why the Gospel of Thomas doesn’t belong in the Bible

The Gospel of Thomas was discovered in Egypt in 1945 and was written in the Coptic language. The specific date of the writing is unknown, but many scholars believe it was written anywhere between 50-140 AD. It contains 114 sayings that it claims Jesus Christ said that were supposedly written down by Thomas Didymus, but... Continue Reading →

How the first 6 seals of Revelation’s 7 seals are an overview of the last days

Some parts of the book of Revelation, in my opinion, seem to follow a similar pattern that God established in Genesis. In the same way that God opens Genesis with an overview of how he created the world in six literal days, then goes into detailed specifics about the Garden of Eden and the creation... Continue Reading →

Don’t check your brains at the door: how/why Christians should judge

judge, v.: to form an opinion about through careful weighing of evidence and testing of premises discern, v.: to perceive by the sight or other sense or by the intellect; to distinguish mentally; discriminate Despite the world and some people in the church telling us not to judge, judging and discerning (which are synonyms), are important intellectual and... Continue Reading →

Steadfast faith of saints in darkest times can serve to uplift unbelievers

Acts 27 can serve as a real life example of what happens when believers remain steadfast in clinging to the leadership of the Holy Spirit along with God's prophetic word. In that chapter, Paul, accompanied by a handful of fellow Christians, was being shipped to Rome as a prisoner by Roman guards on a ship from... Continue Reading →

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