The Wisdom of Knowing When to Accept Advice

Moses was truly an extraordinary prophet, experiencing the Lord in up close and personal ways that no one experienced during his time or has since that time. However, for all his incredible accomplishments, he was still a flawed human.In Exodus 18:13-27, one of his flaws is brought to light by his father-in-law, Jethro. In the... Continue Reading →

Hiker in Washington State Who Dies Is Brought Back to Life

Forty-five-year-old Michael Knapinski was hiking earlier this month on Mount Rainier in Washington state when he got lost. He ended up stranded overnight in freezing temperatures before being found the next day. A helicopter rushed him to the hospital where he died in the ER.His heart stopped beating for 45 minutes. Not only did his... Continue Reading →

Louisiana Church Arsonist is Sentenced to 25 Years in Federal Prison

A year and a half after he burned down three church buildings belonging to black congregations, 23-year-old Holden Matthews was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison today. Matthews, the son of a sheriff's deputy, went on a 10-day arson spree in the spring of 2019 when he targeted the three Baptist churches. Matthews pleaded... Continue Reading →

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