6 hecklers escorted from Joel Osteen’s church during sermon

Attendees at Lakewood Church in Houston were caught off guard Sunday in the midst of Joel Osteen's sermon. A heckler decided to shout Osteen down while he was preaching. Then five others soon joined in, calling Osteen a liar and yelling "Shame on you, Joel!" With so many churchgoers so tense over the church shootings in... Continue Reading →

UK’s House of Lords hampers Liberal Democrat’s attempt to weaken drug laws

Liberal Democrat, Lord Brian Paddick, recently concocted a bill in the House of Lords calling for decriminalizing all drugs in the UK. His argument was that throwing people involved with drugs in jail was not working, but was actually causing drug use to increase. Paddick, a former cop, told his fellow legislators that the key to... Continue Reading →

Facial recognition software–a new church trend?

The following excerpts are some interesting highlights I pulled from an article that came out today, entitled "You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church," by Kashmir Hill at Fusion.net. A facial recognition tech company (FaceFirst) has admitted that 30 churches around the world are using their software to track church attendees. Thus... Continue Reading →

Doctors supplement medical treatment with forgiveness therapy

As 18th-century poet Alexander Pope once stated, "To err is human; to forgive, divine." Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, can testify to the truth of those words. Throughout his years of practicing medicine he has noticed that unforgiveness can have negative effects on sick patients--especially when it comes... Continue Reading →

Northern Ireland pastor to be tried for criticizing Islam

In May 2014, 78-yr-old pastor James McConnell of Northern Ireland gave a sermon criticizing the government of the UK for kowtowing to the demands of Muslims. He then proceeded to criticize Islam as a Satanic religion spawned in hell because of how they treated Christians such as Meriam Ibrahim. When word of the sermon got... Continue Reading →

Gird up thy loins: 9 examples assuring us Christianity will never perish from Earth

"Confidence in Religion at New Low..." reads a partial headline today of a Gallup poll. It comes on the heels of a Pew poll weeks ago stating those who self-identify as Christian supposedly dropped dramatically. When you add to those things the concerns that the U.S. Supreme Court will likely legalize "same-sex marriage" to unleash... Continue Reading →

Colorado Supreme Court: don’t want to be chronically unemployed? don’t use chronic

Although the state of Colorado legalized the use of marijuana for any purpose, the state's highest court today ruled that employers have the right to fire anyone who does not uphold the employer's anti-drug use policy. Even if the use of chronic is for medicinal purposes. The ruling upholds decisions made in the lower courts... Continue Reading →

Is humanity really evolving faster?: 7 signs that humanity is devolving

A year ago, a Smithsonian scientist said she believed the human race was evolving faster than ever, basing her beliefs on factors such as: improvements in healthcare growth in human population She went on to say that the most noticeable sign of our faster evolution is reflected in the neocortex of the brain where abstract... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur eggs from China disprove ‘Old Earth’ evolution theories

An examination of dinosaur eggs uncovered in China may show some of the most recent evidence that dinosaurs existed thousands of years ago instead of the millions of years commonly proclaimed. German scientists were able to determine that some dinosaur eggs, like the ones found in China, had a blue-green color similar to emu eggs. The eggs... Continue Reading →

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