Being in the church body doesn’t mean ministry must be confined to 4 walls

God does some of his best work outside the four walls of the church building. There are many who are caught up in the thinking that if God has called them to do something, they have to fulfill it within the confines of a particular congregation or denomination. That may be true in some cases,... Continue Reading →

Scientists: Earth’s water older than Sun. Big Bang theory bites the dust

Over 2 years ago, I did this post on several things the Big Bang theory contradicts the Bible on. And the very first point I made was that the Big Bang claims the Sun came before the Earth while the Bible says the Sun wasn't created until the fourth day. Now a team of scientists... Continue Reading →

The defiled and dishonorable will be dismissed from God’s presence

Heaven is a gated community, in case you didn't know. There are 12 gates for entering but only those who have come by the way, the truth, and the life will be admitted. It doesn't mean those who are admitted are inherently superior to others, it just means they at one point recognized their iniquity... Continue Reading →

Illegal aliens in NC commit sexual assaults, other crimes at alarming rates

An InfoWars report has uncovered a serious problem going on in the state of North Carolina that isn't being reported in the Obama-friendly national nightly news outlets. A large number of illegal aliens who are flocking to that state for "refuge" are criminals whose whereabouts aren't being tracked. One concerned citizen who happened to be... Continue Reading →

Ancient Assyrian Empire documents back up the Bible

The British Museum holds a treasure trove of ancient documents that back up what the Bible says. Although Christians don't necessarily need these documents as confirmation for the accuracy and truth we find in the Bible, they do provide a good defense when uninformed or deceptive secularists take swipes at the Bible, such as the... Continue Reading →

Do we need to plead Christ’s blood by which we’re freed?

When Jesus' physical blood was physically shed for us 2,000 years ago, it had powerful spiritual results for believers. As believers, it is easy to get caught up in religious traditions and catch-phrases, especially when prominent Christian leaders use them. One such popular phrase is "plead[ing] the blood of Jesus." It is often used like... Continue Reading →

Can generational curses hinder a Christian’s growth or deliverance?

Generational curses tend to be a popular topic in Pentecostal/charismatic circles. It's the idea that, based on Mosaic law, God will curse up to the third or fourth generation of descendants of people involved in ungodly things like paganism. I just read an article at the Charisma News website by Chester and Betsy Kylstra entitled,... Continue Reading →

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