Continuing a godly message past the rejection

The prophet Ezekiel was one of God's great performance artists in addition to being a great preacher whom God used to symbolically act out his prophetic words. Ezekiel was ordered to make a miniature model of Jerusalem and lay on each side while tied up for a certain amount of time as he portrayed Jerusalem's... Continue Reading →

Persistent enemies require our persistent faith, prayer, & prophecy

Stay faithful to the Lord for any amount of time and you may find that the enemies of the Lord can be rather persistent about their aspirations to tear down God's plans. If we stand firm on our Christian convictions, however, we may more often than not find our enemies' plans thwarted. This is something... Continue Reading →

Lebanese Muslims meet Jesus while aiding refugees

Christian Aid Mission, an organization that helps Christians abroad be missionaries to their own people, reports that the Christian church is growing in unforeseen ways. As refugees flee armed conflicts started by Syrian rebels and ISIS, Muslims in Lebanon who have become aid workers to help the refugees are converting to Christ and forsaking Islam. Many... Continue Reading →

Officer’s Bible can stay on his desk, rules Air Force

Major Steve Lewis of the US Air Force had a complaint filed against him last week prompted by Mikey Weinstein's militant atheist group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, after a Bible was seen open on his desk. Citing the ruling against a Marine who displayed Bible verses in her work area, the MRFF complained that... Continue Reading →

Texas Attorney General hands judge victory over atheists

After a Texas judicial commission, prompted by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), left unanswered questions about a judge's volunteer chaplaincy program and courtroom prayers, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was asked to look into the program to see if it passed constitutional muster. Montgomery County Justice of the Peace/Coroner Wayne Mack found that if... Continue Reading →

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