From light to darkness: how Lucifer became Satan

Is there a real devil or is the devil merely a personification of the concept of evil?  The Bible tells us that Satan's existence is just as real as the existence of people on Earth. To help us understand how he came to be who he is today, God gives us two detailed accounts of Satan's origins in... Continue Reading →

Teens who drink with parents still abuse alcohol

Results of a study by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has proven wrong a common view held today.  It has often been thought that teens who drink with their parents are not prone to abuse alcohol as they get older, but this new study shows that thinking is incorrect.  In fact, teens... Continue Reading →

Capitalism failing the middle class? Really!?

Nobel prize-winning economist Michael Spence and co-author Sandile Hlatshwayo released a report recently concluding that capitalism is not really working out for the middle class and instead has hurt them.  This report was sponsored and published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a New World Order (NWO) organization.  The authors studied economic trends over the... Continue Reading →

Mexican drug cartels targeting evangelicals

When 500 worshipers gathered on Sunday, April 10, a group of masked men entered Christian Center El Shaddai with machine guns, firing them in the air.  As the members hit the deck, the men took pastor Josué Ramírez Santiago away in the city of Lázaro Cárdenas. His family received a ransom demand for 20 million pesos, or $1.7... Continue Reading →

Angry Muslim mob attacks village in Pakistan

On the morning of April 16, 2011, an angry mob of Pakistani muslims believed to number in the hundreds attacked the village of Khokarki in the state of Punjab.  The village's citizens, who are Christians, abandoned their homes and fled.  The mob gathered in response to an accusation by local muslims that Mushtaq Gill, 60,... Continue Reading →

Federal Reserve gives money to Wall St. wives

New revelations have been coming to light over the money that has been given out from the Federal Reserve thanks to an act passed by Congress to bring the Fed's transactions into the sunlight.  Since the Federal Reserve's books have been opened, their records show that Wall Street wives have been making off with Fed money like... Continue Reading →

postmodern humanism–the old is new again

Humanism is thought to be a rather new philosophy or worldview, but it has actually been around since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden.  Humanism is the belief that humans are basically good, so the universe around us is in its best state when our best values, characteristics, and behavior are implemented in lieu... Continue Reading →

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