The Bible, Brexit, and Babylon: what are the prophetic implications?

Did Brexit fulfill Bible prophecy? Is it a setback for the New World Order, the EU, and Great Britain? This is what I hope to briefly examine in this post. In my opinion, Brexit is not specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy, but it does factor into what we find in Bible prophecy. Just as a bit of... Continue Reading →

God’s kingdom may ebb & flow, but it will always smash & crash other kingdoms

God's true church is one of his many masterpieces (Eph. 2:10). It has a lot of good things going for it, just as God designed. That's why Satan and his minions (human and spiritual) occupy their time trying to disrupt it however they can. Despite those disruptions, God, with true believers as his partners, still effects... Continue Reading →

Barna Group finds many negatives, some positives about US Bible perceptions

The Barna Group just released it's latest findings on how Americans view the Bible. It found that skepticism towards the Bible continues to steadily increase and the Christian faith is viewed in a negative light to more people. “With each passing year, the percent of Americans who believe that the Bible is ‘just another book written... Continue Reading →

Miraculous, yet misinformed: when faith is targeted by fakes

The church of Galatia was truly blessed by God and experienced some wonderful things because of their faith. They also went through some suffering for it. However, both the suffering they endured and the blessings they experienced served as reminders that God's hand was on them by faith in Christ. But that's when trouble reared... Continue Reading →

US military personnel need prayers as suicide, mental illness rates stay high

A lot of research has been done since 9/11 focusing on the mental health issues of individuals serving in the US military. There is still a lot of speculation and not enough definitive answers on how to solve their PTSD and other problems because the suicide rates seem to consistently and persistently remain high for... Continue Reading →

Tesla’s Elon Musk: Microchip implants can stop AI takeover

Many, including myself, have been wondering for awhile why famous technology gurus are hyping up the possibility of "Terminator" or "I, Robot" scenarios where artificial intelligence (AI) kills and/or conquers humans. What's their ultimate endgame? Well, the other shoe has dropped, thanks to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X. Musk has proposed that... Continue Reading →

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