Did God command Israel to commit genocide?

Many individuals who hate the God of the Bible, Jehovah, have claimed he was a genocidal maniac for commanding Israel to kill all people and animals who lived in the Promised Land. Is that really true? Did he really command Israel to annihilate everyone? I touched on some of the reasons why he told Israel... Continue Reading →

Evangelist Ray Comfort uses topic of homosexuality as an intro to witness for Jesus

To promote the crowdfunded movie "Audacity", which depicts how a Christian lovingly witnesses to homosexuals, Living Waters ministries recently released videos of evangelist Ray Comfort witnessing to young people on or near a college campus about their need for Jesus by getting their views on homosexuality. Different people of God have different "operations" or methods... Continue Reading →

God’s laws on morals help determine what’s good or what’s evil

Ever wonder why people are so critical of the Bible? Why they claim it causes divisions, hatred, and violence? Why they say it's rules on capital punishment are ridiculous? Well, it's not because they have a true sense of justice or fairness. Many of those same people who rattle on about such things have no... Continue Reading →

County Council in England upsets Freemasons by proposing they reveal themselves

Steve Count, the conservative leader of the Cambridgeshire County Council in England, recently made a motion to add to their code of conduct that all Freemasons who wish to serve in some capacity on the Council must reveal they are members of that prominent secret society. The motion has raised no small stir with the... Continue Reading →

Devils use human ignorance & ignorant humans to mock exorcism

As we continue to proceed closer to the rapture and the great tribulation, there are signs all around us that Satan and his army of evil spirits are working overtime to change how he is viewed--to make himself seem acceptable. From popular entertainment media like TV shows, music, and movies to promoting various forms of... Continue Reading →

Man interrupts John MacArthur’s sermon to oppose MacArthur’s cessationist views

For the second time in two months, a popular megachurch preacher has his church service interrupted. The latest incident happened when John MacArthur of "Grace to You" fame was interrupted by a man who said he was a prophet from God. The man claimed that God sent him to MacArthur's church to let him and... Continue Reading →

How should Christians handle a government that seeks to be god?

With the revelation in recent years about clergy response teams where the government brainwashes pastors into teaching churchgoers to submit to their authority and the U.S. Supreme Court affirming gay marriage, Christians are concerned about what it will do to them personally and to their churches. Will their churches lose 501c3 tax exempt status if... Continue Reading →

Why Noah’s flood is important to the gospel

Believe it or not, there are some Christians who dispute the fact that Noah's flood was a worldwide occurrence. They claim it was a local flood that only happened in the Mesopotamia region, buying into evolutionary theories that claim Earth is much older than what the Bible says. However, there is evidence from scripture and... Continue Reading →

Former Archbishop of Canterbury supports UK euthanasia bill

The current state of many so-called 'Christian' leaders highlights why true believers must know Christ for themselves by reading and studying his word for themselves, praying to him themselves, and putting his word into practice for themselves. If our faith is placed in religious leaders, we open ourselves up to fall with them when they... Continue Reading →

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