Former banker for elite globalists exposes their Satanic rituals

An interview of Dutch entrepreneur Ronald Bernard recently by De Vrije Media has gone viral in the last few days. The reason being is that Bernard handled the finances of Illuminati members, especially in Europe. It is a 39 minute video worth watching to expose how the Enemy, i.e. Satan, is using bankers and other... Continue Reading →

Trump’s first 100 days show he intends to keep campaign promises

The mark of any good business leader is that their word, their handshake, and their signature can be trusted to carry out their promises. Otherwise, they really wouldn't be worth the trust you place in them. In his first 100 days as President, a marker that the President himself called "an artificial barrier," Donald J.... Continue Reading →

Michigan Muslim doctor tells court female genital mutilation was religious practice

A female doctor practicing in Livonia, Michigan, who was arrested last week for perpetrating the illegal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls, told the federal court today through her lawyer that FGM was part of the religious and cultural practice of an association of Indian Muslim doctors she belongs to. Federal prosecutors responded... Continue Reading →

Marketing with Mariolatry: are weeping Marys increasing?

As the Catholic Church (RCC) continues to grow around the world, there are regions where it has faced some challenges due in part to corruption within the church, especially when it comes to sexual assaults of children that are then covered up. One of the main areas where it has slightly slipped in numbers and influence is... Continue Reading →

Hidden messages are why Christians need to stay alert

In case you hadn't noticed, we're living in times where people love to muddy the waters with subtle messages to churn up F.E.A.R.--False Evidence Appearing Real. Many times those messages can be coded and presented in seemingly innocent ways. This is what fans of Marvel Comics experienced recently when an Indonesian graphic novel artist slipped... Continue Reading →

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