“Jesus’ wife” papyrus likely a forgery, experts say

The mainstream media was gung ho not too long ago about an announcement from "experts" stating the papyrus speaking of Jesus' wife was authentic. Now another team of experts have taken a more thorough look at the papyrus and have concluded it's most likely a forgery attempting to pass itself off as authentic. Here is... Continue Reading →

You can’t keep the Good Book down. Bible #1 favorite book in U.S.

Although haters of the Bible, such as atheists, have been on an unrelenting warpath to rid the public square of all things resembling God, the Bible, and Christianity, Americans still can't get enough of the Good Book. A recent Harris poll of over 2200 Americans from all walks of life conducted in March reveals that... Continue Reading →

You don’t have to be “canonized” to truly be God’s saint

Much ado is being stirred up in the media about the canonization of two popes into sainthood. Although they have a whole list of "salvation-by-works" accomplishments to declare someone a saint for their version of church, in reality God is gracious and merciful enough to cut us a lot of slack when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Why do criminals use God’s house to hide?, or, how a murderer became a deacon

Jehovah warns us in his word through his prophet Moses in Numbers 32 "...be sure your sin will find you out." A 78-year-old Texas man found that out earlier today when the U.S. Marshals arrested him on a warrant for a murder dating back to 1981. Joseph Lewis Miller was a very violent young man... Continue Reading →

Woman gets miracle, escapes death in New Zealand / questioning resurrection

A 30-year-old German tourist was walking along a trail next to Woolshed Creek in New Zealand with her husband on Wednesday, April 16, when she slipped into the rushing waters and was swept away around 4 pm local time. Authorities in the Mid-Canterbury park raised an alarm shortly afterwards to gather a search party. Since... Continue Reading →

Barna Group/American Bible Society survey shows negative Bible beliefs, behaviors

Millennials (18-29 year-olds) are less likely to consider the Bible sacred, less likely to view the Bible as providing meaning and purpose to life, and are more likely not to read the Bible than their older fellow Americans, according to a new survey released by the Barna Group on behalf of the American Bible Society.... Continue Reading →

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