Female driver miraculously survives being run over by a Mack truck

Chances are those of us who have ever said we feel like we've been run over by a Mack truck have never literally experienced it. But a mother of two in Perth, Australia, is blessed enough to say she survived after being run over by one. Stevie Pol, 26, was driving up the Kwinana Freeway... Continue Reading →

US Supreme Court makes just rulings for Trump & pro-lifers

We are living in a time in the West where people who wish to back lawbreakers are attempting to use the law and courts against people who are trying to do what is lawful and godly. One of their weapons is to flood the legal system with a flurry of frivolous legal actions with the... Continue Reading →

Why are illegal alien families separated by border officials?

Liberals are once again stirring up outrage against the Trump administration over how illegal aliens are treated. The sad part is when the liberals start tossing adjectives around such as "heartless" and "without compassion" toward conservatives obeying the law, some conservatives (fake or otherwise) are so quick to cave to the liberals' arguments. They are... Continue Reading →

The world stirs up confusion over suicide

Recent news concerning the world's contradictory views on suicide is why I'm so relieved my identity and my being are grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ. Given how unreliable and wishy-washy the mindset of people of the world can be, it's refreshing to be encouraged by loving reminders like Paul shared in 1 Corinthians 7:23,... Continue Reading →

Answers News for June 7, 2018

Ken Ham, Georgia Purdom, and Bodie Hodge discuss various recent news articles in this 34-minute video. Among the topics are their new VBS curriculum that shows Biblically how all humans are one race with different shades, evolutionists who change the timeline of lizards again based on an older lizard fossil that shows lizards have not... Continue Reading →

Indiana church burns, but all its Bibles undamaged

Early Sunday morning June 3, Lighthouse Tabernacle in Crothersville, Indiana, went up in flames. The fire is still under investigation as to what caused it. Forty-five firefighters from six towns were called to battle the blaze for several hours with the flames as high as 10 to 12 feet, according to firefighters. After they finally... Continue Reading →

Don’t push it, or, how much do you think you can get away with?

A few nights ago in Des Moines, Iowa, Toyusi Johnson by all indications decided to get behind the wheel of his vehicle while drinking. In one sense, it didn't end well. In another sense, he was very fortunate even though he didn't deserve it. While driving at a high rate of speed, Johnson smashed into... Continue Reading →

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