Oregon Senator implies federal cannabis laws are racist

Leave it to Democrats to play the race card on almost every cause they take up. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has just joined Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) today in an attempt to legalize marijuana at the federal level. The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to get marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances as well... Continue Reading →

Social media leftists slam race car driver for not liking nephew’s dress

British race car driver Lewis Hamilton, who has earned various awards such as being the top driver in the Formula One series, shared some personal family Christmas photos and videos on social media for the Christmas holiday. But he expressed an opinion some liberals didn't like, so the mostly female commenters took to social media... Continue Reading →

Australian man falls off cliff and survives 20-meter drop

Lyall James in Perth, Australia, should be dead, according to doctors. Several days ago, the 21-year-old was at Lesmurdie Falls with a friend and decided to take a selfie at a cliff. The selfie never happened since as soon as he climbed over the metal barrier at the cliff's edge, he fell 20 meters (65.6... Continue Reading →

A pure and holy fire burning continually

In the minutest details of the tabernacle of the Old Testament, Jehovah gave spiritual revelations about himself and about his church that foretold of the nature of the New Testament. The opening verses of Leviticus 24 present God's intended nature of the church symbolized in the physical lamps and the golden candlestick with seven branches... Continue Reading →

UN Security Council seeks to override Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

The anti-Israel United Nations is still ticked off that President Trump reaffirmed Jerusalem as Israel's capital with plans to move the US Embassy there. Such a move flies in the face of their pro-Islamist and globalist policies that seek the supremacy of Islam to aid them in their covetous plans for global governance and a... Continue Reading →

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