Australian man falls off cliff and survives 20-meter drop

Lyall James in Perth, Australia, should be dead, according to doctors. Several days ago, the 21-year-old was at Lesmurdie Falls with a friend and decided to take a selfie at a cliff. The selfie never happened since as soon as he climbed over the metal barrier at the cliff’s edge, he fell 20 meters (65.6 ft.) and landed on his head.

The rescue crew and medical staff at the hospital were surprised he was still alive. Emergency surgery was done to repair his fractured skull with 50 staples, but that was all that was needed. Lyall had no other injuries. After just five days in intensive care, he was moved to a regular hospital room where he has been making a full and speedy recovery with an expected release by New Year’s.

His parents credit Lyall’s gymnastic/tumbling background and the excellent team of doctors, but there’s much more involved in this incident than that, in my opinion. People have been killed falling less than 20 meters off a cliff. Surviving such a fall defies logic, physics, and human capability. It’s nothing short of a miracle from God and as far as I can tell from scripture, God is not in the business of just handing out miracles willy-nilly to just anybody. He usually does it for some greater purpose and my prayer is that Lyall and whoever is supposed to be impacted by his miracle will experience whatever the Lord has planned for them real soon.

Source: Max Margan, Perth gymnast falls off a cliff and lands on his head, Daily Mail Online, December 21, 2017.

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