Oregon Senator implies federal cannabis laws are racist

Leave it to Democrats to play the race card on almost every cause they take up. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has just joined Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) today in an attempt to legalize marijuana at the federal level. The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to get marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances as well as “expunge federal pot use and possession crimes, and allow anyone currently serving time in prison for a federal marijuana-related offense to petition the court for resentencing.” Additionally, it will “penalize states that have not legalized marijuana.”

ron wyden and cory bookerThe Senators argue that current federal laws on marijuana are being used to target “communities of color” and are outdated methods being used by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump in a manner that is “socially unjust…against the will of the American people.” Using buzzwords like “socially unjust” simply means the intent behind their bill is “social justice”, aka socialism. By screaming racism, the Democrats are themselves being racist in that they are really saying, “Those poor ignorant blacks and Latinos can’t help but to use marijuana so we have to give them a crutch to legalize their illegal actions.” As an African American who has never used drugs, I’m insulted.

Studies by the insurance industry have shown that legalizing marijuana is accompanied by increased accidents caused by people driving high. Drugged driving is happening in states where cannabis is legal, like Massachusetts, and in states where it’s illegal, like Ohio. There have also been incidents of stoned adults lacking the judgment to place marijuana edibles out of the reach of kids who then ingest it and get sick.

Furthermore, omitted from the mainstream media is the fact that more and more adult marijuana users are getting sick from regular marijuana use, with some refusing to give up the habit despite the sickness. Many doctors are so unfamiliar with it that they run expensive tests to try to diagnose it, driving up healthcare costs. Even as they try to find cannabis doses safe to use for sick children, a pharmaceutical company that tested it on kids found 93% of them got sick with side effects like “vomiting, fatigue, fever, upper respiratory tract infection, decreased appetite, convulsions, lethargy, drowsiness and diarrhea. That same pharmaceutical company has also been trying to get a monopoly on cannabis products in certain states, revealing one of the true intents behind the push for legalization–to create big money for the globalists of Big Pharma.

This is no surprise since lawmakers like the two senators mentioned above are in a political party that caters to every whim of the globalists, especially if they can tie socialism to it. Speaking of globalists, as I’ve mentioned before, they want legalization not only to make money but also for the following:

  1. To keep the masses in a fog for easy control of them;
  2. To make it easier for them to get pot for themselves for their personal use;
  3. To make it easily accessible for their shamanistic, occultic rituals;
  4. To help spread their witchcraft/Satanic religion to as many people as possible.

The Bible specifically names drug abuse in two New Testament scriptures using the Greek word pharmakeia. In both places, it says people into it will not inherit the kingdom of God. Galatians 5:20 calls it witchcraft while Revelation 9:21 calls it sorceries. Those passages let us know that anywhere we see witchcraft and sorcery in scripture, we can conclude drugs are included.

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  1. Just as you think that the use of cannabis should not be centered to the “race card”, so I think you should not use the “political card”. I personally have voted Democrat, simply because I don’t like how most of the Republicans, ignore the basic human rights of the poor and less fortunate then the rich, and produce laws the favor the rich to make sure that the rich get richer and hold onto their riches. And because they use the cause of Christ to make their real desire possible, pretending to do what they are doing for Jesus, when all along they care more for riches than using their riches to help the less fortunate. That said, I to do not feel that cannabis should be made legal. And they should not continue to allow the consumption of alcohol either.


    1. Gerald,

      These 2 Senators were the ones dealing out the “political card” alongside the “race card,” so I addressed both. Your take on Republicans isn’t historically accurate but simply repeats what any Democrat would hear falsely repeated among Democrats. Do your own homework and you will find Nazis segregated Jews based on how Democrats segregated blacks in the South. You would also find it was Republicans who drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, an idea started by Republican President Eisenhower, which Democrats attempted to filibuster, but failed to stop it. A Republican Supreme Court Justice wrote the majority opinion in Brown v. Board of Education. Republican President Eisenhower then used the military to enforce integration of schools (Little Rock 9 in Arkansas) amidst criticism from Democrat Senators JFK, LBJ, and resistance from Arkansas’ Democrat governor.

      In 1994, a Republican Congress passed the Welfare to Work Act to help people on welfare develop and depend on their own skills to get jobs instead of relying on government handouts that continue the cycle of poverty. Bill Clinton signed it under threat of Republicans overriding any attempt to veto it. In 2004, a Republican Congress and Republican President passed school vouchers in an omnibus bill for DC, allowing inner city families to send their kids to successful private schools instead of being stuck in failing public schools.

      Furthermore, it was President Reagan who finally signed into law the first federal holiday honoring an African American–Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. President Reagan also signed a generous farm subsidies bill that made it possible for many low income families to make it through the 1980s on government cheese and other government agricultural foods.

      Overall, conservatives have been proven to be more generous to the less fortunate than liberals–> https://finance.yahoo.com/news/more-generous-liberals-conservatives-081500677.html


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