The Right Road to Rewards

When the Lord Jesus Christ sent out his letters to the churches in Revelation, only two of the seven churches did everything right--Smyrna and Philadelphia. Those two churches are shining examples of the traits Christian congregations and individual Christian lives should exhibit. With respect to Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13), the Lord pointed out the following three... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Calgary Pastor Arrested for Protesting Sexualization of Kids at Drag Queen Story Hour

No good deed goes unpunished. A centuries-old cliché that continues to hold true in sectors of our postmodern society slowly trudging through the evil last days predicted by Christ, his prophets, and apostles. Derek Reimer is one of the latest evangelical pastors in Canada under the tyrannical Trudeau regime who has unfortunately experienced the truth... Continue Reading →

A Closer Look At the “Asbury Revival” Reveals a Gay Agenda is Afoot

Before YouTube censors his video to make it disappear, you should probably take a look at Caleb Corneloup's 17-minute video below. Caleb is an evangelical out of Australia who runs the "iThink Biblically" YouTube channel. In his video that he released yesterday, Caleb takes a closer look at who is involved in the so-called "Asbury... Continue Reading →

Transhumanism’s Warped View of Humans and the Human Condition

"Transhumanism is a movement that holds that scientific and technological advances can be used to improve humanity. For example, to increase life-span, to get rid of diseases through gene modification, to implant electronic microchips for security purposes, or to monitor a person’s location, purchases, and movements. Some of this might seem only vaguely relevant to... Continue Reading →

Lunatic Cringe: Phony, Apostate “Christians” Manipulate to Weaken Churches

Two religious news stories caught my eye today and reminded me just how much idolatry is running rampant among false churches and false "believers" who appear to be Christian in name only. The bigger story deals with the Church of England, which never seems to disappoint if one is looking for a church that promotes... Continue Reading →

Psychotherapist Explains the Agenda & Some Origins Behind Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia

Journalist Drea Humphrey of Rebel News in Canada recently interviewed psychologist John Uhler, founder and director of Survivor Support, Inc., about what he sees behind the scenes in the efforts from leftists to promote pedophilia. Uhler counsels victims of sexual assaults, both children and adults, and also counsels sex offenders who are ordered by the... Continue Reading →

WEF 2023 Provided Glimpses of Future Globalist Aspirations for the Last Days

The gathering of globalist elitists at Davos, Switzerland for their World Economic Forum (WEF) took place last week, as many of you know. As they typically do, there was discussion among panelists and speakers to exchange ideas for how to move forward with changing cultures and societies to subscribe to the various goals New World... Continue Reading →

Christian Concerns About AI and Technology Derived From It (Like Deepfakes)

"Generally, [technology can be] God's good gift, but in a fallen, broken world it also has the possibility to go off the rails," states Scott Rae from the Think Biblically Podcast when he spoke to Christian apologist Sean McDowell today on McDowell's YouTube channel. The aim of their discussion was to look at artificial intelligence... Continue Reading →

Christian Commentator Joel Rosenberg Discusses Bible Prophecy, End Times

The Joel Rosenberg Report, in the 16-minute January 11, 2023 video below, covers a recent Pew Research survey that wasn't reported on by a majority of news outlets. Pew researchers did an extensive study of Americans from all kinds of ethnic and religious backgrounds to find out their various views on the fulfillment of Bible... Continue Reading →

Can Revival Happen Again in America? Kirk Cameron and Greg Laurie Weigh In

Fresh off his successful endeavor to bring a Christian version of children’s story hour to a public library in Indianapolis, Kirk Cameron sat down with Greg Laurie to discuss whether or not the U.S. is ready to experience another Christian revival. How far will the U.S. and churches in America sink before genuine revival occurs?... Continue Reading →

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