New study shows gays can change orientation

A new study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy has shown that individuals involved in the homosexual lifestyle can change their sexual orientation with counseling from Christian ministries. The study was conducted by Stanton L. Jones, a psychologist at Wheaton College in Illinois, and Mark A. Yarhouse, a psychologist at Regent University.... Continue Reading →

Facebook, censorship, and trolls

CNN just aired what I would call a "fluff" piece this morning on American Morning about how Internet sites, especially news sites, are combating web trolls. Trolls are those who leave "inflammatory" comments and try to bait other commenters into giving heated or emotional responses. The piece seems to have been done in response to... Continue Reading →

Scientists tweak method of determining species evolution

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have devised a method to help them more accurately figure out how species evolved over time [see New technique fills gaps in fossil record,, 20 September 2011]. For years, the glaring gaps in the fossil record have made it difficult for them to back up their evolutionary theories.... Continue Reading →

Censorship of Christians even on “Christian” sites

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) released a report today which shows proof that social websites are censoring Christian conservative speech. The study found that any speech critical of the gay rights agenda is being stripped from Facebook, MySpace, Google, and Apple, according to Craig Parshall of the NRB. I know this to be true from... Continue Reading →

My take on the Republican presidential candidates so far

Like millions of Americans, I was intrigued by the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night. However, my opinion is that all of the candidates lack the WOW factor. The two frontrunners--Romney and Perry--are becoming more and more disappointing to me. But I have to be honest, I haven't been impressed with Romney from the... Continue Reading →

Two Pakistani Christians attacked after refusing to convert

Six Pakhtoon youths in Karachi, Pakistan attacked two Christian young men who were riding a motorcycle down the street. The Muslim Pakhtoons stopped the two Christians in the street and questioned them about who they were and what their religious beliefs were. When Ishfaq Munawar and his friend Naeem Masih told the six Muslims about their... Continue Reading →

How atheists & Darwinists are like flat earthers & inquisitors

"You're such a flat earther!" That is the false accusation often leveled against Christians who don't buy into the scientific theories and myths espoused by atheists and Darwinists. But did you know atheists and Darwinists have more in common with flat earthers and inquisitors of old? It is Christians who are more aligned with true... Continue Reading →

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