Edmonton, Alberta Pastor Returns to Church After Jail Release

James Coates, pastor of GraceLife Church near Edmonton, Alberta, was happy to be back worshiping with his congregation on Sunday, March 28, after his month-long jail stint over violating the province's arbitrary COVID-19 rules. Authorities released him last week after they tried to save face by getting Coates to plead guilty to "breaching a court... Continue Reading →

A Regressive Resolve To Do Wrong

More often than not, we humans tend to embrace that part of our sinful human nature that prefers to make excuses for wrongdoing instead of repenting to undergo reform. It's a trait that contributes to conflicts in interpersonal relationships. If it runs rampant, it can downgrade a whole culture or society. When we look at... Continue Reading →

Scotland Court Overturns Church Ban

Scotland's Court of Session, their highest civil court, has issued a ruling against Scotland's ban on church services that was put into effect for COVID-19. The judge who wrote the opinion, Lord Braid, stated that the government went beyond the scope of their powers to stop in-person worship services in church buildings. In his decision,... Continue Reading →

Child Advocates Warn That Twitter is a Cesspool for Child Pornography

Children should be considered gifts from God and valuable to the continuation and perpetuation of positive contributions to any society (Psalm 127:3-4). Unfortunately, there are nefarious segments of civilizations worldwide which consider children, both inside and outside of the womb, as a commodity to be bought, sold, and abused for the evil whims of adults.... Continue Reading →

New Book Reiterates Pope Francis’s Call for a New World Order

A newly released book in Italian, entitled God and the World to Come, hit bookshelves this week, courtesy of the Vatican. The book is an interview of Pope Francis sharing what he wants world leaders to do for the "Great Reset" touted by globalist socialists as a way of taking advantage of the freedom-restricting responses... Continue Reading →

Canadian Pastor in Edmonton Kept in Jail for Not Bowing to COVID restrictions

Since the coronavirus spread around the world in 2020 and continuing up to this year, we have witnessed plenty of examples where government officials have demonstrated how they wish to take God's place, dictating whether or not churches should meet and micromanaging the manner in which they should worship if they meet. A more recent... Continue Reading →

Humbly Receiving God’s Word Leaves Us In a Pleasant State of Certainty

Among the many lessons that God repeatedly makes clear throughout the Bible is that he wants his people to have confidence and boldness in him and in his word. Having confidence and boldness in him makes us less susceptible to caving in to the many deceptions that fill our world today. People more often than... Continue Reading →

Christian Chinese Activist Granted Restraining Order Against Paid Protestors in Texas

Bob Fu, founder of China Aid, fled Communist China for the US in 1997 after being persecuted for being Christian. After all, America was one of very few places he thought he and his family would be relatively safe from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But from October 2020 to January 2021, he and his... Continue Reading →

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