Churchgoers with gay kids want to change church views on gay sex

Churchgoers who attend churches or are part of denominations that teach homosexuality is a sin are hoping to change their churches' view on gay sex to stop what they deem is wrongful demonization of gays. One such couple are Rob and Linda Robertson whose son told them at 12 that he was into boys, not... Continue Reading →

‘Climate change’ unimportant to most & 49% attribute weather to end times

The Public Religion Research Institute has released a survey about people's take on the rise in natural disasters. So-called 'climate change' (which, of course, was renamed from 'global warming' to brainwash more people) is not something that's really on most Americans' minds. As a matter of fact, only 5% think the topic is important. Most... Continue Reading →

addressing the false claim that Christians are obsessed with controlling sex

An anonymous person calling themselves "American Project" recently stated that Christians tend to "bring up some type of sex-related fear, and get all preachy about gay sex and teen sex and controlling women's bodies, since it is all about the sex and controlling sex and who has it and when and how their precious taxes... Continue Reading →

Meditating on God’s forgiveness

God's forgiveness is a powerful thing and there are a lot of misconceptions about it. There are sinners who believe asking for his forgiveness is completely unnecessary because God just automatically forgives our wrongs no matter what. Then there are people who think God can't possibly forgive them unless they do enough good works to... Continue Reading →

The fix’s end or the fix is in? Crony bankers get fined for manipulations

For the past few years, the bad behavior of big crony bankers has been brought to light because of the huge recession which exposed how they manipulate the markets. Many of us have wondered why so many individuals in the big banks have gotten away without being prosecuted. The lack of prosecutions seems to have... Continue Reading →

Obama calls on China to be the partner they expect for New World Order

Several news commentators over the weekend made comments to the effect that since President Obama is now a lame duck, he is now focused on shoring up his foreign policy legacy, especially since his domestic policies haven't gone as well as he hoped. But as the news media tends to do, they have whitewashed the... Continue Reading →

Atheists claim conservative Christianity can drive you insane

Marlene Winell, a "human development consultant" out of San Francisco, and her colleague Valerie Tarico, a psychologist out of Seattle, recently wrote an article entitled, "How Conservative Christianity Can Warp the Mind." The first thing to note from jumpstreet about these women is that they reside in ultra-liberal parts of the U.S. Another interesting thing... Continue Reading →

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