Why It Pays to Bless Those Who Curse Us

Given the society we live in today, it's common and deemed acceptable to curse out someone when they curse at us. Lashing out against someone who offends us is part of our sinful human nature. Nevertheless, when we know the Lord, he has supplied us with the power to restrain ourselves from cursing back at... Continue Reading →

Snubbing Christ and His Apostles Makes One Susceptible to Deception

The ministry of the Lord Jesus and the ministries of his disciples, although powerful, had many struggles in common. One of their struggles was the struggle to be believed by skeptics. Both Christ and his disciples went out of their way to take actions and present teachings to prove without any doubt that they were... Continue Reading →

A boy’s obedience saves his life, illustrates Christian readiness

This past Wednesday evening in the mainly Christian nation of Fiji, 43-yr-old Lekima called his 11-yr-old son, Joeli, into the house for family evening worship. The boy was out on their front porch doing his homework. He immediately walked into the house when his father called him in. Moments later, an out-of-control car sped through... Continue Reading →

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