Liberal Narco-City Amsterdam Cracks Down on Marijuana

The ongoing experiment of the Netherlands' decriminalization of drugs continues to unravel. Cannabis legalization activists' promises that decriminalizing pot would bring in a utopian age of no drug crimes has instead increased drug crime nightmares. Things have gotten so bad that the liberal residents of Amsterdam who embraced the idea of legalization have now turned... Continue Reading →

Psychotherapist Explains the Agenda & Some Origins Behind Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia

Journalist Drea Humphrey of Rebel News in Canada recently interviewed psychologist John Uhler, founder and director of Survivor Support, Inc., about what he sees behind the scenes in the efforts from leftists to promote pedophilia. Uhler counsels victims of sexual assaults, both children and adults, and also counsels sex offenders who are ordered by the... Continue Reading →

The Anti-Rape Clauses: How Rape is Condemned in the Bible

I believe that it's a good thing to address popular accusations made against the Bible which seek to undermine God's message in this dark world. When the Bible is examined and tested in response to such accusations or criticisms, one will often find that the critics inadvertently or deliberately misunderstand or misrepresent or are ignorant... Continue Reading →

Stew Peters Exposes Human Trafficking of Kids Prevalent in America’s Foster Care System

On May 19, conservative news commentator Stew Peters devoted the first 34 minutes of his hour-long show exposing the government's abuse of power regarding its handling of the foster care system (see the video below). Many minors across the U.S. have been fraudulently stolen from their families and used by various people embedded in the... Continue Reading →

Hillsong Church’s Board Accepts Brian Houston’s Resignation From Pastoral Role

Brian Houston is now out as senior global pastor of Hillsong Church, which he co-founded with the blessing of the Assemblies of God denomination in 1983. For decades the teachings of the now former megachurch pastor have sounded alarms for Christians who regularly study the scriptures. What he preached just didn't line up with scripture... Continue Reading →

Pedophiles Pinched: Online Investigation Frees 146 Children From Child Sex Abusers

While the world has been preoccupied with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and other political intrigue, recent news out of New Zealand has flown mostly under the radar. This week authorities on the island nation shared results from a two-year investigation it spearheaded to fight child porn and the sexual abuse of minors online. What they... Continue Reading →

UN Is Upset That Some European Nations Refuse “Refugees” At Their Borders

Filippo Grandi (pictured above), head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), released a complaint to the media earlier today stating that he is disturbed by mounting incidents of certain European nations rejecting what he calls "refugees." Grandi makes the assertion that "a disturbing pattern of threats, intimidation, violence and humiliation" are being... Continue Reading →

Executive Assistant at San Antonio Church Gets 7 Years in Prison for Stealing $668K

She worked for New Creation Christian Fellowship for 30 years, just outside of San Antonio, Texas, and most recently served as executive assistant to the senior pastor of the church. But being a friend and confidante as well as gaining the trust of the congregation didn't stop Lavelle Wilson from fleecing the flock to the... Continue Reading →

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