Curiosity of the candlesticks

The seven golden candlesticks in the book of Revelation speak volumes about who we as believers are in our Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who has spent considerable time in God's holy word, the Bible, can see symbolism throughout it that speaks in poetic language of how the Lord sees his church and Revelation presents some... Continue Reading →

Pain that precedes progress leads to praise

God designed our relationship with him through Jesus Christ to be a series of spiritual progressions and advances. Since we live in a fallen world and have a fleshly nature competing with our spirit man, those advances which lead to greater spiritual responsibility may at times be preceded by a period that causes us some... Continue Reading →

Pro-abortion scientists stoop to new low with flavor enhancers

It's bad enough, in spite of scientific proof babies are living humans in the womb, that pro-abortionists would still want to kill them, now they have sunk to a new low. That new low takes them beyond being barbaric to being cannabilistic. There is a company headquartered in San Diego, California, that is using human... Continue Reading →

Self-obsession in men is leading to their downfall

A study done by researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia has shown that men who are obsessed with their self-importance and have an inflated view of themselves (otherwise known as narcissism) only end up hurting themselves in the end. Their narcissism has been shown to render negative effects on their... Continue Reading →

Here’s proof of God’s hand on babies–in & out of the womb

I came across two interesting stories involving God's miraculous hand being involved in babies' lives. One baby was in its mother's womb, while the other was one year old-- Baby saves father's life from mother's womb Sara McDonald, an expectant mother in Atlanta, GA, got a rude awakening one night. At 7 1/2 months into... Continue Reading →

Biometric ID program brings Big Brother to India

India recently implemented a nationwide program to keep tabs on every single citizen in the country. Every individual is being assigned a Unique Identification Number that will be stored in a nationwide database and is tied to their fingerprints (all 10 fingers), iris scans (both eyes), and facial recognition. The program was instituted under the... Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court rules churches can hire or fire as they please

A teacher at a Missouri Synod Lutheran school got help from the EEOC to sue the school after she was fired. She claimed the firing was retaliation for her threatening to sue them about a medical disability she has. However, a federal district court threw her suit out claiming courts were prohibited from retaliation claims... Continue Reading →

Greek govt. calls pedophilia a disability

Greece's government today released an expanded list of "disabilities" that are covered by their socialist-leaning healthcare system, giving these people added benefits like financial assistance under the law. The new disabilities include pedophilia, exhibitionism, kleptomania, fetishism, pyromania, and sadomasochism. The move angered groups giving support to those with real disabilities. They argue that pedophiles will... Continue Reading →

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