How the church body and saints get true blessings

To conclude 2 Corinthians, Paul spoke a special blessing over that church. His blessing them was a final instruction on how they could not only receive the Lord's blessings, but more importantly revealed how they could be a blessing to God, to fellow saints, and to the world. He stated the following: Finally, brethren, farewell.... Continue Reading →

Is the Trinity in the Old Testament?

The idea of the God of the Bible being a Trinity (from the words tri-, meaning three, and -unus, meaning one, to render the meaning "three in one") is a concept ridiculed and rejected by Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, "Oneness" (Jesus Only, Apostolic) Pentecostals, Unitarians, et al. Critics claim the idea of God as three in... Continue Reading →

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