Veteran journalist & son survive plane crash after 2,000-foot plunge in New Zealand

Veteran news journalist Rod Vaughan of New Zealand decided to take his son, visiting from Germany, on a flight in a small plane Thursday, March 29, when the completely unexpected happened. After a little more than 30 minutes in the air, cruising along at 2,000 feet in the air, something shattered the plane's windshield. The... Continue Reading →

North Carolina: Family’s 2 Bibles are the only items to survive fire

At 5:30 Sunday morning, March  25, Kaylynn Blackwood was awaken by loud crackling noises to discover her house was on fire.  Apparently their wood heater ignited the flames. The 7-months pregnant mom then rushed to get her three sleeping kids out of the house and into their vehicle only to discover she left the keys to... Continue Reading →

Answers News for March 26, 2018

Ken Ham, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Bodie Hodge discuss the decline of Christianity in some parts of Europe, an atheist who was rejected as a US Navy chaplain, the importance of questioning information on social media, evolutionists who find human intelligence earlier than their previous assumptions, Crisis Pregnancy Centers in California take their case to... Continue Reading →

March for Our Lives showed why Americans should stand for their lives

Courtesy of organizations like George Soros's and Planned Parenthood, socialism was on full display in the nation's capital on Saturday, March 24 as socialist-leaning organizations used impressionable kids to rally for gun control with the "March for Our Lives", which I considered a cheap shot at the pro-life "March for Life." History has written... Continue Reading →

Christian woman in Kazakhstan acquitted in court…of downloading the Bible?

Downloading the Bible onto a smartphone is a very popular thing to do and most of us have probably done it a time or two. Even some unbelievers have done it. But in Kazakhstan, an evangelical woman recently endured a trial for doing that very thing. Can you imagine? Back in January, Dilobarkhon Sultanova showed a... Continue Reading →

An incorruptible simple life of obedience

Pressure to compromise is something that goes with the territory of living this life. Some compromises are okay, while others need to be resisted if they harm the moral and/or spiritual well-being of one's personal life, family, or community. God bless those who stand firm against corrupt compromises, especially within the church and especially in... Continue Reading →

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