North Carolina: Family’s 2 Bibles are the only items to survive fire

At 5:30 Sunday morning, March  25, Kaylynn Blackwood was awaken by loud crackling noises to discover her house was on fire.  Apparently their wood heater ignited the flames. The 7-months pregnant mom then rushed to get her three sleeping kids out of the house and into their vehicle only to discover she left the keys to the car in the burning house. They ended up having to abandon the vehicle parked right next to the house as the fire quickly spread.

When the fire department arrived, the only thing they could do was keep the fire from spreading beyond the house since it was too late to save anything. After the flames were put out, the firefighters saw that it was a total loss of everything including the family’s vehicle, except for two items–the family’s two Bibles. Even though one of the Bibles was on a nightstand that was completely consumed by the flames, the Bible didn’t have any burns.Blackwood family Bible screen capture

According to Blackwood, the Bibles had water damage and some soot on them, but not one page was burned. She believes the survival of the Bibles “just goes to show that God is so good, even when tragedy strikes. God is so good.” The family is temporarily staying with in-laws.

Source: Vanessa Leon, 2 BIBLES ONLY ITEMS TO SURVIVE LINCOLN CO. HOUSE FIRE, Spectrum Local News, March 26, 2018 (video).

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