Christian woman in Kazakhstan acquitted in court…of downloading the Bible?

Downloading the Bible onto a smartphone is a very popular thing to do and most of us have probably done it a time or two. Even some unbelievers have done it. But in Kazakhstan, an evangelical woman recently endured a trial for doing that very thing. Can you imagine?

Back in January, Dilobarkhon Sultanova showed a woman she previously met at New Life Protestant Church how she had downloaded her Bible app onto her smartphone. The woman was offended by it and reported Sultanova to authorities who ended up charging her with illegally propagating Christianity. Unbelievable. Sultanova was finally in court last week to answer for the charges. The South Kazakhstan Regional Court located in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, acquitted her of the charges.

Kazakhstan has a Muslim majority and the minority Christian population mostly belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. Their constitution allows for freedom of religion, but in recent years people like Sultanova who belong to groups outside of Islam and Russian Orthodoxy have been targeted with complaints.

Source: Kazakh woman found not guilty after being charged over downloading Bible on her phone,, March 19, 2018.

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