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Remaining obedient to the heavenly vision

All of us saints have a story to tell that is tied to a vision the Lord gives us. For some of us that vision may have come about by the Lord working through normal, natural channels or circumstances, such as when someone hits rock bottom based on bad choices in life and cries out… Continue reading Remaining obedient to the heavenly vision

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Anointed to be God’s sacred place

Both as individuals and as a group, we saints of God are God's temple--his sacred place. That's something we should remind ourselves of regularly and should be so proud of that we boast in the Lord about to others when the opportunity presents itself. Paul reminded the Corinthians of just how important we are as… Continue reading Anointed to be God’s sacred place

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London pastor despises notion only Christians allowed in heaven

Steve Chalke, a man who calls himself a Christian pastor at a church called Oasis in London, has released a series of videos espousing one world religion and universalism. He makes arguments that set up Christian teachings as straw men so he can tear them down. In his haste to tear down true Christian doctrines,… Continue reading London pastor despises notion only Christians allowed in heaven

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How should Christians handle UFO & alien accounts?

Researchers from Creation Ministries International give some history on UFO sightings, the philosophy behind the belief in extraterrestrials, whether or not such things have a scientific basis, and principles the Bible gives us on how to respond to those beliefs and encounters.

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Johns Hopkins University studies “beings” encountered by people high on DMT

Behavioral scientists at Johns Hopkins University have begun a study for people who get high on Dimethyltryptamine, aka DMT, a powerful hallucinogenic. They are gathering information through an online survey compiled by researchers. The purpose of the research, say the scientists, is to discover information that could be beneficial to DMT druggies. Of particular interest to… Continue reading Johns Hopkins University studies “beings” encountered by people high on DMT

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Was the apostle Paul a racist?

At Mars Hill in Acts 17:22-31, Paul called the people of Athens "too superstitious" and "ignorant." In Titus 1:12, he called the people of Crete "always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies." So does that make Paul a racist as Bible critics claim? To determine that, we must look at what Paul's motives were for saying… Continue reading Was the apostle Paul a racist?

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Sin may reap financial profits, but righteousness has greater value

Since the time of Adam and Eve's fall, we humans have sought to acquire personal gain from sin. In our day of the early 21st century, the technological and societal advances we have made often become the tools used to expand bad behavior for the sake of power and prestige. We are told such things… Continue reading Sin may reap financial profits, but righteousness has greater value

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Connecticut: Historic Christian Church Converted Into a Mosque

This has happened all over the UK and in other corners of Europe. When people turn to worthless idols, more idolatry always moves in and morality always gets worse. This sellout church says this move is about the “children of Abraham” living and working together “in respect and dignity.” However, the church will find out soon enough Islam has nothing to do with Abraham’s faith, respect, or dignity when the Muslims implement sharia in the food pantry and homeless shelter they manage together in an unequally yoked partnership.

Creeping Sharia

Source: Historic Christian Church to Be Converted Into Mosque; Members Take Down Cross From Altar

A Christian congregation in Connecticut that dates back to the 1600s has sold its church building to a Muslim group that plans to turn the building into a mosque.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the historic United Congregational Church will sell its 1920s Georgian-Revival style church building to the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center for a price of $1 million.

The church dates back to the Colonial Era, when it was founded in 1695 as the Ecclesiastical Society of Stratfield. In 1916, the congregation merged with another congregation and officially became the United Congregational Church. Although the congregation once totalled over 3,000 members when the main church building was constructed, WSJ reports that the congregation total has dwindled to just 300.

Although the congregation has sold the church building, it will still remain…

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North Carolina: Family’s 2 Bibles are the only items to survive fire

At 5:30 Sunday morning, March  25, Kaylynn Blackwood was awaken by loud crackling noises to discover her house was on fire.  Apparently their wood heater ignited the flames. The 7-months pregnant mom then rushed to get her three sleeping kids out of the house and into their vehicle only to discover she left the keys to… Continue reading North Carolina: Family’s 2 Bibles are the only items to survive fire

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Answers News for March 26, 2018

Ken Ham, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Bodie Hodge discuss the decline of Christianity in some parts of Europe, an atheist who was rejected as a US Navy chaplain, the importance of questioning information on social media, evolutionists who find human intelligence earlier than their previous assumptions, Crisis Pregnancy Centers in California take their case to… Continue reading Answers News for March 26, 2018