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Holy Spirit-centered

Toward the end of 1 Thessalonians 5, Paul unleashes what seems to be a string of last minute random statements. Although his statements can be quoted (and often are) as stand-alone phrases, they are all linked together. I'm speaking especially of verses 16-23, which read as follows: 16 Rejoice evermore. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In every thing… Continue reading Holy Spirit-centered

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Family’s Bible and faith survive destruction of house fire

Southern hospitality. That's what the Frankovich family of Philadelphia, Tennessee has exhibited over the years with their family barbecue business. They helped people who survived the fires of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and also helped Hurricane Harvey survivors in Texas. But this time tragedy struck their own lives. A malfunctioning furnace sent their house up in flames… Continue reading Family’s Bible and faith survive destruction of house fire

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He draws us out of many waters

This past Friday, two women in South Haven, Michigan, came close to losing their lives unexpectedly on that town's south pier at Lake Michigan. As they walked along the pier, a flood of waves rushed in and pushed them off the side into the choppy waters. Fortunately, there were bystanders nearby who rushed onto the pier… Continue reading He draws us out of many waters

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Rapprochement with the Lord brings refreshing restoration

I just love the fact that the Lord Jehovah is the God who seeks rapprochement /ra-'prōsh-mon/ with us mere mortals even though we don't deserve it. What's rapprochement? An establishment of reconciliation and harmonious relations between two or more parties who are at odds. The blessed party who experiences that with the Lord through Jesus… Continue reading Rapprochement with the Lord brings refreshing restoration

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an honest confession from a godly impression

I am often impressed by what the Bible said centuries ago and how it still speaks to situations we find ourselves in today.  What Daniel said in a passage I read recently reminded me of America, even though he was talking about the nation of Judah-- We have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done… Continue reading an honest confession from a godly impression

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A prayer concerning the armor of God

Lord, I thank you and give you glory for supplying me with spiritual armor to wear in my stand against the devil, his spiritual companions, and his wicked devices.  Give me the wisdom to use the armor skillfully. As your word commands, I will place your truth around my center like a belt to give me… Continue reading A prayer concerning the armor of God

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Should secular artists sing Christian music?

This is a question I discussed with a friend once.  I should probably give an explanation of what Christian music is first.  The Christian music I'm talking about is music that gives glory to God in its lyrics, whether it's a testimony of what God does for a believer, or direct praise that is speaking to… Continue reading Should secular artists sing Christian music?

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A Prayer of Praise & Thanksgiving

Jehovah, it is such an honor to be able to talk to you in prayer.  I am so grateful that your Son Jesus made it possible for us to fellowship and communicate with each other. Thank you, God, for your grace and for drawing me to you in spite of my sinful nature.  Thank you… Continue reading A Prayer of Praise & Thanksgiving