The conundrum of Abraham offering Isaac at God’s command

An especially popular jab by critics of the Christian faith is the fact that God in Genesis 22 told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac at Mount Moriah (where the Temples were eventually built). They contend that God was heartless for commanding such a thing. On the surface, such an argument may sound valid, but it is made... Continue Reading →

#RiggedSystem is apparent as social media & MSM avoid or misdirect FBI’s Clinton email reboot

People this weekend have been preoccupied with FBI director Comey's taking another look at Hillary Clinton's email scandal and all the interesting developments that have arisen over it. And along with that heightened interest comes the observation that globalists controlling social media and mainstream media are not showing the topic trending on their websites--whether it... Continue Reading →

Why the Gospel of Thomas doesn’t belong in the Bible

The Gospel of Thomas was discovered in Egypt in 1945 and was written in the Coptic language. The specific date of the writing is unknown, but many scholars believe it was written anywhere between 50-140 AD. It contains 114 sayings that it claims Jesus Christ said that were supposedly written down by Thomas Didymus, but... Continue Reading →

Israeli archaeologists excavate Jerusalem wall confirming Josephus account

It has been a markedly emotional week for leaders of Israel after UNESCO thumbed their noses at the nation by declaring the Temple Mount belonged to Muslims and referred to the "holy site" using Muslim labels. However, not to be outdone by such a false declaration, archaeologists in Israel unveiled a discovery they made last... Continue Reading →

27% of young Austrian Muslims embrace idea of violent jihad

A recent study commissioned by the city government of Vienna done of youth living in Vienna has discovered that 27% of  Muslim youth believe violent jihad against nations in the West is an acceptable practice. In that same study, 33% of all youth in Vienna had negative opinions about Jews and 47% of young Muslims held... Continue Reading →

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