1024px-austrian_flagA recent study commissioned by the city government of Vienna done of youth living in Vienna has discovered that 27% of  Muslim youth believe violent jihad against nations in the West is an acceptable practice. In that same study, 33% of all youth in Vienna had negative opinions about Jews and 47% of young Muslims held anti-Semitic views.

As soon as the report was released, liberals in Austria hurried to defend and make excuses for the views of the young Muslims. A socialist city councilwoman believes that the young people may not have fully understood the meaning behind the questions and the terms used. Downplaying any potential threat they could be recruited to carry out, she said they were a vulnerable population who needed Austria’s protection. A right-wing political party member claimed the study was proof of the death of the multiculturalism experiment of Austria and that all the left was really doing was encouraging Muslims to be jihadists.