It has been a markedly emotional week for leaders of Israel after UNESCO thumbed their noses at the nation by declaring the Temple Mount belonged to Muslims and referred to the “holy site” using Muslim labels. However, not to be outdone by such a false declaration, archaeologists in Israel unveiled a discovery they made last winter.

While excavating part of the ancient Jerusalem wall known as the Third Wall built by Herod Agrippa, they discovered the exact site where the Roman army under Titus broke through the wall to bring an end to the final battle that finished Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple. They referred to historian Josephus’s War of the Jews where he gave specific details about its location, the Roman army’s tactics in the battle, and how they finally breached the wall to invade the inner sectors of Jerusalem, slaughtering thousands of Jews as they advanced.

The findings will be officially presented in several days at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. To find out more about the fascinating discovery, follow the source link below.

Source: Gavin Rabinowitz, Archaeologists find battle site where Romans breached Jerusalem walls, The Times of Israel, October 20, 2016.