“Secular humanist,” a fancy term for Satanist

Saints of God, have you been paying attention for the past few years to the Satanic Temple tied to the Baphomet statue in Detroit last year and most recently to attempts to start after-school clubs? The Satanic Temple denies they worship Satan and claims to use the name to make fun of the idea they say Christians created. They claim to be secular humanists in their religion.

Is that really true?  Are these “Satanists” merely humanists mocking the idea of a spirit world? I would argue that the secular humanist aspect is merely their public face while their private face is bona fide, genuine, satanic worship. My opinion is based on what the Bible tells us.

serpent-in-a-treeI’ll start with the Garden of Eden. When the serpent, aka Satan, spoke to Eve, he got Adam and Eve to believe his word over God’s by not only questioning God’s word, but telling them that disobeying God and listening to him would make them “as gods” (Genesis 3:1-5). They simultaneously took Satan’s word as they sought to exalt themselves in their humanity and ended up spiritually bankrupt and physically flawed. Secular humanists are following in that false doctrine today.

We also have three other prominent examples of “humanists” in the Bible who were likened to Satan/Lucifer. Isaiah 14 likens King Belshazzar of Babylon to Lucifer. God laid out Lucifer’s origins in that passage and his downfall and draws the parallel to how Belshazzar would ultimately fall like Lucifer even though Belshazzar thought of himself as a god in his humanity.

Ezekiel 28 was also a parallel prophecy where Ezekiel was given a prophetic word from God that likened the King of Tyrus to Satan/Lucifer. The King of Tyrus, like Belshazzar, allowed his successes and blessings from God go to his head until he also thought of himself as a god in his humanity when he was just an anointed cherub in a lower position than God. So God put him down as he did Lucifer.

The final ultimate secular humanist will be the Antichrist (aka the beast). In the future when he will exalt himself as a god among men, his secular humanism will coincide equally with the open worship of Satan with his full blessing (Daniel 11:31, 12:11; Matthew 24:15; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelation 13:4, 12, 15).

In modern history, one of the founders of the Lucis Trust (formerly known as the Lucifer Trust), Alice Bailey, called herself a humanist even though she was known to hold seances and other occultic practices to contact familiar spirits.

We live in conspiratorial times where what is promoted in the media many times cannot be taken at face value. Popular movements, secret organizations, intergovernmental organizations (e.g. the UN) and religions are often two-faced with both a public face and a private face which are often contradictory. Rest assured that wherever you see the term “secular humanism,” Satan and his devils are somewhere nearby cheering them on as they worship him behind closed doors.

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