Obama, future presidents will be able to turn off the internet

Legislation that was briefly mentioned last year is now being pushed forward in the U.S. Senate to give Obama and future presidents the power to order the shutting down of the internet when the president feels there is a threat to internet-based systems.  The bill is called the "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of... Continue Reading →

the God who just wouldn’t go away

Almost from the time we humans were created on this Earth, we have had what we see as a huge problem.  Yes, we have lots of problems, but there is one who seems to get in the way of some of our grand schemes.  His name is God.  You know--the God mentioned in the Bible.  Or that's... Continue Reading →

Israel’s right to defend itself

Let me say from the start that I think all of the Muslims who are supposedly upset with Israel over the raid of Turkish ships are disingenuous.  As Cal Thomas pointed out in his syndicated columnist yesterday, the 1994 Gaza-Jericho agreement, signed by Palestinian leaders, stated that Israel's Navy would have the right to take action against ships they... Continue Reading →

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