Some Examples of How Jesus Backed Up the Divine Authority of Scripture

Scott Lanser and Henry Smith from the Associates of Biblical Research highlight some examples from the New Testament where Jesus confirmed the infallible authority of the Old Testament scripture. Their discussion shores up the principle that Christians can and should stand firm on the reliability of the Bible. This video was released 2021/10/26 and is... Continue Reading →

The Guarantee That Bible Prophets Spoke Prophecy

The Biblical manuscripts among the Dead Sea Scrolls were truly an amazing find when they were discovered. I believe God had a hand in their discovery as a means to confirm what he has already stated in the Bible. Unfortunately, there are forces who have used them as a means to question God's word and... Continue Reading →

The Lord is With Those Who Are Concerned With Our Best Interests

As we live the Christian life in a sin-sick world, it's always good to be linked to people who have our best interests in mind when it comes to our spiritual well-being. Whether they are nearby physically or thousands of miles away, their physical proximity isn't always as important as their spiritual proximity. That's because... Continue Reading →

David & Bathsheba: It Was Adultery, Not Rape

Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to accuse U.S. Olympic doctor Larry Nassar of sexual assault, has set off a heated discussion on social media. In response to a post by Matt Smethurst of Christian website The Gospel Coalition that delineated the sins of men of God in the Bible, Denhollander posted, "David raped. It’s important... Continue Reading →

Some Bible prophecy teachers are still hung up on Nephilim

Usually Prophecy Watchers is a biblically accurate ministry, but in this instance they missed it. Their complete misunderstanding of Genesis 6 about who the "sons of God" are misconstrues their explanation of Bible prophecy. Ryan Pitterson in this video admits that the "angels" he assumes to be present in Genesis 6 and assumes to be... Continue Reading →

Bad boy gone good: how & why God forgave a murderous occultist

Manasseh, the king of Judah and son of the righteous king Hezekiah, must have had some type of "daddy issues." In spite of him witnessing how his father's righteousness had made Judah become the most prosperous it had ever been, including technological advances (2 Kings 20:20), Manasseh rebelled against everything his father did and reversed... Continue Reading →

Dangers of being a yes-man: how kissing butt can bite you in the butt

Going along to get along. Caving to peer pressure. "It's best not to rock the boat." All of these philosophies seem to be the order of the day so often and despite the fact so many people ruin their lives, their communities (including workplaces), and their nations when they cling to those prideful principles, it... Continue Reading →

Was resurrection taught in the Old Testament or is it just a New Testament doctrine?

Some well-known Bible scholars and many Bible critics believe resurrection was not in the Old Testament (OT) or that it was mentioned very vaguely and wasn't definitive until the New Testament (NT) because of Jesus. The term resurrection can be applied in two ways. Firstly, it can mean that someone is raised from the dead back... Continue Reading →

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