New Discovery Leads Scientists To Believe Earth Was Always Wet

Scientists have done it again. They discovered that the Bible is true. In this case, they found that Earth was wet from its beginning just like the Bible states. Now they may have to adjust their scientific models to match their new findings which is, in reality, old information recorded in Genesis 1 thousands of... Continue Reading →

Our God’s Preference Is To Preserve Life

I find it truly a comfort to know that I serve a God who is loving, just, fair, merciful, and truthful in everything that he does. If it wasn't for his loving patience toward me, I wouldn't be saved or even alive. When we read the Bible from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation,... Continue Reading →

A Discussion on the Dangers of Being Isolated

Lamb & Lion Ministries released this 8-minute video on August 17 that gives some biblical examples of how God never intended for people to be totally isolated from others. That especially holds true when it comes to the need for believers to fellowship with each other because of the spiritual benefits God made available in... Continue Reading →

Three Minors Survive Crash Caused By High-Speed Chase Initiated By Illegal Alien Human Trafficker

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Florida got a 911 call about a burglary in the Dogwood Heights Community on August 5. A patrol car scouring the neighborhood to investigate eventually spotted a man matching the description on a nearby street as he was exiting a house and getting into his vehicle. The suspect saw... Continue Reading →

BMW Driver and Three Passengers Miraculously Survive Being Crushed By Two Trucks

On August 5 in the afternoon on the M1 highway in England, two freight trucks got into a crash with a BMW containing a driver and three passengers in the northbound lanes. The BMW car ended up being crushed at both the front and rear in the accident. According to the authorities who got the... Continue Reading →

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