Let no man despise thy youth: God uses kids, too

If you've spent any amount of time with children and teens, it doesn't take long to see that they can give those of us who have been around longer than them a fresh, valid perspective on how to handle certain situations in life. We teach them a lot, but they can also teach us quite a... Continue Reading →

Some ‘Christians’ can’t get past ‘curse of Ham’ falsehood

For centuries, there were those in Christian churches who taught that all people descending from Africa were under the 'curse of Ham' based on Genesis 9:25. Eventually, with the Civil Rights movement the truth about that scripture came to the forefront when theologians actually paid attention to the fact that Canaan, Ham's son, was the... Continue Reading →

Evolutionists backtrack on “bipedal” ape

Every once in a while comes a story that highlights the weaknesses of evolutionists and their theories. Time and time again, they rush to judgment about fossils they find and quickly create a backstory, sometimes accompanied by an artist's rendering, to promote the idea of macroevolution. Often these fairy tale stories are created to make... Continue Reading →

Gay ‘marriage’ weakness? It can never be as good as the original

Gay rights activists love to make the argument that discriminating against them is like discriminating against skin color and they attempt to equate their movement to the Civil Rights Movement. However, this argument isn't valid. Neither are their arguments for gay 'marriage', which really isn't marriage at all, but a cheapened imitation and mockery of... Continue Reading →

Study: at least 6 types of atheists. Apologist: atheists’ reasoning is narrow

A team of atheist/agnostic researchers out of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga got together to survey over 1100 atheists and released their findings recently. They claim that there are 6 kinds of atheists as follows: 1. Intellectual atheist/agnostic: they like to argue, debate, and study a lot about religion and atheism 2. Activist: they... Continue Reading →

Lightning bolt strikes pregnant woman–she survives to give birth to healthy baby

On July 4th, New Mexico couple Kendra Villanueva and Ian Gordon were watching fireworks in someone's front yard when lightning struck both of them out of nowhere. Villanueva was several weeks shy of her due date. After emergency personnel worked to make sure they were okay, Kendra was rushed to the University of New Mexico... Continue Reading →

Bible prophecies haven’t failed, despite skeptics’ claims

The Bible tells us Satan, the serpent, is subtil, often saying things that sound logical and rational at first glance, but then a closer look at what he says will reveal he's really lying. Those who unknowingly or knowingly follow him are the same way. So it is with skeptics who hate the fact that the Bible... Continue Reading →

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