Hard Choices, Some Negative Consequences, But an Abundance of Long Term Benefits

"There are hard decisions to make as a follower of Christ. It's hard sometimes to know that family, friends, occupation, income can be negatively impacted because you choose to follow the Lord and not follow the world. But the good news of that decision is God can meet you there and God can take what... Continue Reading →

Is Jehovah really a merciless murderer?

If you have ever paid attention to political campaigns and have done a fact check on ads, you may have noticed that some candidates endorse ads that put their opponents in the worst light possible. When mudslinging occurs, the opponent is often misquoted or a snippet of what an opponent says is presented out of... Continue Reading →

How God’s plans can thwart an enemy’s curse

The circumstances surrounding Moses' birth were very grim, but in the midst of all the negative things happening, God's hand was still clearly visible in the affairs of men.  The Hebrews, having sought shelter from famine in Canaan, came to Egypt when Jacob brought his whole family there toward the end of his life when... Continue Reading →

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