Promising life, delivering death–it’s the liberal way

Alertness. It's a trait God wants his people to possess and nurture in their lives for their own good, for the good of his body of believers, and for the good of the societies they live in. For instance, we are told the following: 5 Ye are all the children of light, and the children of... Continue Reading →

Are Southern Baptists having an identity crisis?

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is still the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. but it is facing some challenges as new numbers released for 2013 reveal a decline in their statistics. Stats released by Lifeway Christian Resources show that the number of members in SBC churches went down 0.9% and regular Sunday worship attendance... Continue Reading →

Brains of pedophiles wired for attraction to kids, say Kinseyan professors

Many posts ago, I covered the work of the late Alfred Kinsey and also discussed the move to subtly normalize then legalize pedophilia in the Western Hemisphere, including the U.S. Social scientists are continuing with that sly approach with a new study released a few days ago by the Royal Society's Biology Letters. In that... Continue Reading →

Former Buddhist shows that upbringing doesn’t necessarily determine your outcome

"Well, you're just a Christian because you grew up in a Christian home. If you grew up in a home with another religion, you probably wouldn't even be a Christian." That happens to be a line I've been told several times when I've shared the gospel with an unbeliever or defended the Christian faith to... Continue Reading →

Americans who wouldn’t vote for atheist president drops from 63% to 53%

That number is still a nice majority, but it reveals a concerning trend. Fortunately, atheists remain the least trusted group in the U.S., coming in below pot smokers and those who cheat on their spouses. But North Carolina atheist millionaire Todd Stiefel says he is hopeful of the new numbers which have changed since 2007... Continue Reading →

Shall a campus divided stand?: creation vs evolution @ Bryan College

Bryan College, a Christian liberal arts college in Dayton, Tennessee, is embroiled in a heated battle over worldviews pitting a creationist president against professors who believe God created the universe using evolution. The college's president, Dr. Stephen Livesay, released a clarification for the college's statement of belief in February at the request of a large... Continue Reading →

Peruvian soldier’s parachute malfunctions in skydive, but he survives unscathed

31-yr-old Amasifuen Gamarra, a sergeant in Peru's air force who has served eight years, was doing a training skydive last week that went horribly wrong after he jumped. When he attempted to open his parachute 5,000 ft. (1500 m.) up in the sky above Arequipa, Peru, instead of opening, the parachute lines wrapped around his... Continue Reading →

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