Biochemist, Molecular Biologist Warns That COVID Shots Harm Reproductive Cells

"We have to remember that the VAERS Database is only estimated to hold less than 1% of all adverse effects and deaths [from the COVID shots]," says Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D. Lindsay has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Texas and also specializes in toxicology. A few days ago,... Continue Reading →

Good Godly Religion Often Pays Off in Academic Achievements

Ilana Horwitz, an assistant professor at Tulane University, recently released a book that notes her findings in a study of students that she did. When she examined the students' lifestyles, Horwitz discovered that "young people who pray and attend church regularly, see religion as very important and believe in God with absolute certainty are more... Continue Reading →

UN Is Upset That Some European Nations Refuse “Refugees” At Their Borders

Filippo Grandi (pictured above), head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), released a complaint to the media earlier today stating that he is disturbed by mounting incidents of certain European nations rejecting what he calls "refugees." Grandi makes the assertion that "a disturbing pattern of threats, intimidation, violence and humiliation" are being... Continue Reading →

Defending Skillet’s John Cooper Re: His Statement Against Deconstruction of Christianity

Christian apologist Jon Harris released this timely video yesterday after he became concerned about the response to John Cooper of Skillet. In case you hadn't heard, John Cooper recently made a statement highlighting the harm that the "deconstruction" movement is bringing among so-called Christians and left-leaning congregations. Cooper called on genuine Christians who care about... Continue Reading →

Executive Assistant at San Antonio Church Gets 7 Years in Prison for Stealing $668K

She worked for New Creation Christian Fellowship for 30 years, just outside of San Antonio, Texas, and most recently served as executive assistant to the senior pastor of the church. But being a friend and confidante as well as gaining the trust of the congregation didn't stop Lavelle Wilson from fleecing the flock to the... Continue Reading →

Answers News for February 14, 2022

In this 32-minute video livestreamed earlier today, Answers in Genesis employees discuss recent headlines in the news comparing them to Biblical doctrines. Among the stories is a scientist who wants to bring back the woolly mammoth by injecting mammoth genes into an Asian elephant, a Florida bill that gives parents the right to object to... Continue Reading →

Liberal Columnist Wants Democrats To Be the Party of Euthanasia

Anyone who does an honest study of how the Lord Jesus and his disciples conducted ministry will see that healing sicknesses (physical and mental) was one of their main concerns. The desire to preserve life is inherent to genuine followers of Christ and to societies adhering to Biblical principles. But liberals are looking to push... Continue Reading →

Chipping Away at COVID Tyranny: Video Highlights From Senator Ron Johnson’s Hearing

Over the past two years, coronavirus and the response to it have been, in my opinion, one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the world's population. People with unsavory ulterior motives have profited from it for the sake of their love of money at the expense of human lives, including the Chinese Communists, the WHO,... Continue Reading →

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